For many renters, problems resulting from this year’s winter storms are continuing or, in some cases, just beginning to become evident.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency makes federal benefits available for renters affected by the storm. These include rental assistance, lodging expense reimbursement, moving and storage expenses, and personal property benefits.

In order to receive assistance, residents must be registered with FEMA by April 20. During registration, applicants should indicate they are not able to live at the damaged address and enter actual income when asked for it.

Many residents have substantial damage and mold growth to their personal property. They should photograph any damaged property. If these residents are eligible for potential personal property benefits, an inspector will become involved, and FEMA may provide moving and storage benefits.

In addition, the Small Business Administration is making disaster assistance loans available to affected renters. These loans carry very low interest and very long terms.

Learn about additional winter storm recovery resources. Under the FEMA drop-down menu, there are 17 helpful flyers, several in Spanish, to guide residents through the process.

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