TARRANT COUNTY, TX  – Just in time for the early voting period (April 19–27), https://www.tarrantvotes.com/ is today announcing a comprehensive, nonpartisan voter guide for the May 1 elections.

The non-partisan, user-friendly, and searchable guide includes every proposition and candidate on the ballot in Tarrant County. This election includes a special election for U.S. House of Representatives Texas District 6, as well as elections for many city councils, school boards, and other local agencies.

The website features:
• Information about each elective office, including job responsibilities and salaries
• Candidates’ names, websites, and contact information
• Links to recent news articles about individual races
• Candidates’ answers to questions about their qualifications and views on a range of current issues
• Information about voting, voter registration, and how to look up a sample ballot
• A community calendar of local political, civic, and community events.

“We began this project when we realized that it was very difficult to impossible to find information on candidates or issues in local elections,” said Sher Orpen, one of the founding members of the guide. “We decided to gather and present this information to the public to encourage an informed electorate. From learning about voting requirements to getting a sample ballot, to researching races and candidates, we aim to provide a simple, workable solution for voters.”

The all-volunteer team has produced a voter guide for every election since the March 2018 primaries.

“Local elections are very important to our daily lives – something we all learned this year as cities, school districts, and other local bodies have navigated pandemic-related issues and February’s weather emergency,” said Rachael Vorberg-Rugh, another founding member. “Yet local elections often have low voter turnout. We want to encourage people to participate in every election and get to know how local government works.”

The www.tarrantvotes.com project is nonpartisan, and does not endorse any candidate or political party. All candidates for office were asked the same set of questions, regardless of party affiliation, and both questions and answers (or the lack of answers) are included in the guide.

People with questions, comments, or suggestions about the guide can get in touch at info@tarrantvotes.com.

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