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In your Monday Report, our lede focuses on Katrina and Travis Carpenter, who were aware of and prepared for the unique challenges of being a Black-owned business. But, the duo could not account for a global pandemic that severely impacted the service and food industry. Reporter Neetish Basnet details the story of their business survival and their standing in the community.

Editor’s note: You may wonder why we choose the spelling of “lede” instead of “lead.” It’s an intentional journalistic misspelling that some say pays homage to our industry heritage. The “lede” is the beginning of a news story. In the Report’s case, we use it to describe our “lede” story every day (the first and most important story on our website).

Here are a couple of key stories from our recent coverage you might have missed:

Also, Saturday is a hugely important day for area local elections. Fort Worthians will elect their first new mayor in more than 10 years. If you haven’t voted early yet and want to do some last-minute research, you can find all of our relevant local election coverage on our special page, Building our Net Worth

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ON TAP: The Texas Education Agency estimates students have lost nearly five months of learning, but it is likely that figure is closer to a year – setting students back for life. Reporter Jacob Sanchez has the details this week, so make sure you keep coming back for fresh content every day.

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