Ft Worth, TX – James L West Center for Dementia Care is the first long-term care center in the United States to implement UV technology as part of their proactive 360o approach to disinfection.

The City of Fort Worth, via the CARES Act Grant Program, funded the suite of UVC products including UVZone shoe sanitizing stations from PathO3Gen Solutions, the first and only multi-patented Ozone + UVC technology.

As part of their best-in-class, early adopter strategy for comprehensive sanitation protocols, the West Center is committed to biosafety, implementing various UVC technology and products acquired from Tampa-based IP Program.

The UVZone shoe sanitizing stations are in use at the Center’s three entrance points, aiding in the prevention of microbes entering the facility via shoes and floors. Shoes are sanitized in eight (8) seconds, inhibiting dangerous microbes such as MRSA, C. diff, E. coli, Norovirus, and Human Coronavirus from being walked into and throughout the facility by staff and guests.

In addition, two UV-C cabinets are in use to disinfect items such as cell phones, keys, laptops, and eyeglasses. The use of UVC technology at the entrances creates a perimeter of safety by lowering the building’s bioburden and boosting staff and visitors’ confidence with a visible sign of safety.

The suite also includes a five-foot-tall, fully autonomous UV-D robot that disinfects entire rooms and hallways as it travels a pre-programmed path; and a mobile UV-C Tower that disinfects tightly confined spaces such as restroom stalls and closets.

“Environmental cleanliness affects the patient experience, patient satisfaction, perceived service quality, and actual quality in terms of infection prevention.” –Healthdesign.org

“COVID has had a significant impact on the long-term care sector and James L. West Center is moving boldly into the future – a future that includes COVID now and more viruses in the future. This technology complements our existing environmental services platform with a goal to create germ-free environments for today’s residents and our team, as well as for future West Center stakeholders,” said Cheryl Harding, Ph.D., and CEO of The West Center.

UV technology, and specifically the UVZone shoe sanitizing station, is in use at many healthcare facilities. When used as a complete suite of products, the 360o approach provides an elevated level of safety for residents, staff, and patient-facing team members by addressing disinfection from floors to small personal items and continual sanitization throughout the buildings.

“I have long admired the James L. West Center for being one of Fort Worth’s leading healthcare innovators,” said Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price. “The Center’s leadership in the healthcare arena and expertise supporting persons living with dementia and Alzheimer’s is recognized throughout the state and nationally. The CARES Act funding helps to solidify the Center’s leadership role as a premier healthcare organization and, through their teaching of medical students and other professionals, helps our Fort Worth community benefit from this technology, affirming Fort Worth’s focus on medical innovation.”

“We’re so pleased that PathO3Gen Solutions’ shoe sanitizing stations have been implemented as an integral part of James L West’s comprehensive approach to disinfection and safety,” said Scott Beal, COO, PathO3Gen Solutions.

About James L. West Center for Dementia Care
The West Center is a faith-inspired, not-for-profit organization serving persons impacted by dementia. As a trusted expert, the West Center provides personalized, innovative care and support for families, as well as specialized education for caregivers, healthcare professionals and the community at large. The facility is the only dementia-specific Alzheimer’s-certified nonprofit post-acute nursing center in the DFW Metroplex. In addition to residential care, the Center provides day program support as well as community-based dementia and caregiver education.

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