League Real Estate announced it has closed the purchase of a new property located along the I-30 corridor at 5220 Locke Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76107 earlier this month. The location is one of Fort Worth’s historic buildings and the company plans to renovate the site and use it as its Fort Worth headquarters, expanding their office space for their growing family of Real Estate agents. Most recently the location operated as a bed and breakfast known as Lockheart Gables.

“This is a great opportunity for us to own a piece of Fort Worth history and allow our business to continue to expand and grow while providing our agents ample space to conduct day to day business,” said Matt Lewis, broker/partner. “Our goal is to bring the Messer House back to some of its original characteristics, while showcasing the impressive estate with complimentary design.”

The property is located south of I-30 and west of Hulen. Recognized as the Messer House, the stately home was built in approximately 1893. The Tudor Revival home is partially red-bricked and was designed and built by Arthur Albert Messer. The architect was part of the team credited with the development and design of many of the homes in (Chamberlin) Arlington Heights and the Spring Palace.

The two-story commercial home plus carriage house totals approximately 5500 square feet and plans for the renovation include returning it to many of its original features and complementing it with today’s style to fit the business and office needs of the growing real estate brokerage.

“We are committed to preserving the community and its historic qualities. These houses tell the story of our city,” said Jeff Anderson, partner. “As we participate in the future of Fort Worth, we want to hold on to our past.”

League Real Estate and its partners share an affinity for old, preserved and historic buildings. Currently, the organization’s Fort Worth offices located at 5300 Pershing Avenue north of Camp Bowie was the original Arlington Heights Public School, built in 1896. The red-bricked building was a one room schoolhouse providing schooling for students of all grades.

“We hope this move further solidifies LEAGUE as an enduring brand dedicated to serving Fort Worth and our surrounding communities,” said Luke Syres, marketing director, partner.

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