By Aaron D. Smith 

I didn’t grow up in the Westcliff area, but I sure do remember driving through it as a kid — whether I was leaving TCU games, visiting my cousin, or going to the park. Fast forward to the first year of my thirties, and I’ve now lived in my house for the past five years.

I don’t think there is a single thing I would change about this neighborhood! There’s something really interesting about living in a neighborhood that houses both families and college students — you just never know what kind of things you will see driving through the streets. 

I’ve seen so many different things over the years, whether that be a family announcing the birth of their beautiful newborn via giant stork yard signs or the occasional front yard slip-n-slide party hosted by the neighboring college kids. It always makes me appreciate the cycle of life. At the beginning of every summer, I drive up and down the streets, searching for the now-unwanted treasures that once belonged to the people who purchased them. What is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?! 

The streets of Westcliff typically stay quiet — with a few exceptions that I once found annoying but now find to be unique to where I live.

Every day at 6 a.m., I wake up to the sound of the nearby church bells. During the TCU football and baseball seasons, fans’ cars can be found parallel parked along the streets, fans walking almost 1.5 miles just to make it to the various stadiums. From my front porch to my backyard, I can always hear the faint sound of the always-supportive fans cheering on the TCU teams. From the infamous TCU bullhorn that erupts after every touchdown to the announcer welcoming friends and family to that day’s game, there’s something to appreciate about it. 

Westcliff census breakdown

Total population: 3,218
Male: 53%
Female: 47%

White: 67%
Hispanic: 22%
Black: 4%
Asian: 4%
Two or more: 3%

0-9: 10%
10-19: 13%
20-29: 20%
30-39: 19%
40-49: 9%
50-59: 10%
60-69: 12%
70-79: 5%
80 and older: 3%

No degree: 7%
High school: 9%
Some college: 25%
Bachelor’s degree: 38%
Post-graduate: 21%

I really love my neighborhood for various reasons! Call me spoiled, but I will never grow tired of living so close to many places I love and visit frequently.

I’ve always been a fan of fresh air, so I will take any opportunity to walk somewhere. Walking distance from my home is a little gem of a restaurant that I often take first dates to. Cafe Bella is a one-of-a-kind, BYOB Italian restaurant tucked away in the Westcliff Shopping Center. If you blink fast enough, you just might miss it! Their patio is often filled with families and friends enjoying some of the best capellini primavera you will find in town! 

Also walking distance from my home is the neighborhood Albertson’s that is open until midnight. ProfessioNails is my go-to salon whenever my cuticles need a quick touch-up!

Dr. Cass and her incredible staff over at Westcliff Animal Hospital are always happy to see Murphy wagging his tail when we come in for his yearly checkup. 

Once the temperature has lowered and the leaves have dropped, there’s nothing more I love after a long day at work than to walk my dog. We have a strict route we like to follow that allows us to pass a few of our favorite spots, mentioned above.

Another thing worth mentioning is the prime location that comes with living in Westcliff. I often find that Westcliff is the perfect midpoint between I-20 and I-30 with quick access to popular areas such as Hulen, West Berry and Bluebonnet Circle.

With a smile on my face, I am so happy to be a resident of the Westcliff neighborhood. Having recently joined the real estate industry, I know there are so many things happening in the world right now, and oftentimes those events can cause us to be jaded toward our neighbors and loved ones. However, Westcliff always rises above that.

Love thy neighbor as you want to be loved is a sentiment I aim to share with anyone who crosses my path. From friendly waves and head nods to the occasional honk, Westcliff will always be a welcoming community.

Aaron Smith has lived in Fort Worth for 30 years and works as a real estate agent for Smart City with his niche being apartment locating. To tell the story of where you live, please send your essay to and Managing Editor Thomas Martinez at

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