Fort Worth, September 2021 – Live Wingman announces the September launch of a new on-demand minute-by-minute virtual consulting platform that is set to bring accessible business consulting into the modern age.

Business and individual clients are now able to use Live Wingman to leverage highly experienced professionals to expedite results, taking them from “stuck to success,” as Daniel Gunnels, president and founder of Live Wingman says. “Live Wingman is positioned to be the go-to resource with a thoroughly vetted panel of experts, which gives the client the knowledge and industry-leading insights they need to win.”

The world of business consulting has always been opaque with misaligned interests, drawn-out contracts, and complex pricing structures. Traditional consulting firms work on business models that drag out projects at exaggerated costs, to cover the massive overhead costs that they carry. This month, Live Wingman launched with a mission of turning that model on its head.

Live Wingman’s primary focus is management and startup consulting for the decision maker, opening the door for leadership to implement timely and effective business strategy. Americans are trending away from traditional employment relationships which is creating two market opportunities – employers are looking to fill knowledge gaps and new entrepreneurs are looking for proven experience to transform secondary sources into primary sources of income.

Founders Daniel Gunnels and Jordan Warner both have well-established business careers and a wealth of real-world experience behind them. What brought them together to start Live Wingman, however, was their passion for helping transform people and companies to reach full potential. Having benefitted greatly from a small circle of mentors and coaches themselves, Daniel and Jordan recognized that there was both an accessibility and attainability gap in the consulting industry for bite-sized, startup-friendly consulting delivered via a marketplace model.

“We want everyone to have equitable opportunities for their professional success. Traditional consulting has created entry barriers, stifling the ability for entry-level entrepreneurs and business owners alike to have access to the expert help they need and deserve. [Live Wingman] intends to change that.” Founder Jordan Warner said when asked about market accessibility.

Live Wingman launches at an opportune time as companies of all types seek to rebuild and redefine after the economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are looking to leverage expert insight and advice to grow your organization, be sure to visit to find your personal Wingman today!

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In this press release, references to Live Wingman are references to Live Wingman LLC.

About Live Wingman LLC.: Live Wingman LLC is a rapidly growing on-demand consulting platform that utilizes a national network of experts focused on providing first-class professional services to individuals and businesses clients on a minute-by-minute basis. Live Wingman provides information on startup development, market planning, bookkeeping, and other business management related services to public and private clients spanning many of today’s top industries.

If you would like more information about Live Wingman, please contact Jordan Warner at 817-381-6377 or

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