Kate Lattimore Norris has been named Vice President of Pavlik and Associates, a leading, full-service communications firm. Kate has been with the firm for more than 12 years, most recently serving as Director of Community Engagement. In her new position, she has been elevated to a leadership role in the development and execution of successful communications strategies for Pavlik’s cross-section of public and private sector clients. She will continue to specialize in community engagement of all types.

“Over the last decade, Kate has proven to be an invaluable member of our team, and she is known by our clients and partners for her creativity, technical expertise, and rigor,” says Linda Pavlik, Founder and President. “She excels at turning nascent concepts, visions, and goals into winning community engagement campaigns, and she is unique in that challenges motivate her!”

“I am honored to step up as Vice President at Pavlik and Associates,” says Kate. “The firm has a solid reputation for tackling complicated matters of all types with unsurpassed ingenuity, prowess, and professionalism. I am committed to carrying forward our tradition of staying ahead of trends and applying proven methods with novel approaches to the dynamic, fast-paced world of communications.”

Kate is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Public Policy at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her research interests include citizen engagement and communication in the public sector. She is passionate about helping governments and citizens tell their stories. In addition, Kate holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of North Texas and a BA in Art History and Religious Studies from Texas Christian University.

Pavlik and Associates, a regional public affairs and public relations firm headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, offers a full complement of consulting services in the areas of business and services branding, communications, public involvement, transportation, land use, aviation, economic development, environmental and regulatory matters, education, energy, water management, solid waste management, and other public
policy issues.

The firm develops communications and outreach plans for public, nonprofit and private entities including large publicly-held and international companies, state agencies and statewide advocacy groups, metropolitan planning organizations, economic development entities, municipalities, counties, independent school districts and education organizations, local and regional.

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