(Fort Worth, TEXAS) From gunslingers and cattle thieves in the 1800s, to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, to Channelview’s murder-minded cheerleader mom, to the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal of 2017-2018, Texas has been an epicenter for crime and scandal.

Cowtown authors Dave Ferman and Michael H. Price document the Lone Star State’s history of wrongdoing with the new Lone Star Larceny: 350 Years of Texas-Bred Mayhem, Murder & Misanthropy, which traces crime and murder from Texas’ earliest days right up to the present.
A rollicking account of practically everything from the slaughter of the 1700s, to legends such as Bonnie & Clyde and bank robber Sam Bass, to a host of serial killers, Lone Star Larceny looks at both the facts and the legends surrounding some of the state’s most notorious criminals and incidents. It does so with a mixture of graphic non-fiction novel reporting and an array of old and new cartoons.
For Price, long a mainstay at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Larceny “brings my career in journalism to a full-circle state –- started out in cop-shop reporting, and got some potent headlines out of the deal. But I had enjoyed all of the scene that I could stand, and after a while, what with the risks involved in gathering news from the darker side of the human condition, I had had my fill and then some while supervising the local-newspaper and Associated Press coverage of the first Cullen Davis trial in 1977. Still and all, the interest remains, so long as it’s at a safe distance.”
Ferman, who taught journalism at TCU and Texas Wesleyan University after covering pop music for the Star-Telegram, calls Larceny “a true hybrid.”
“Graphic non-fiction novels are becoming an important way to write history, and what we’ve done is merged that style with Mike’s fantastic cartoons, some old and some brand new,” Ferman said. “One of the most important ideas of the book is that Texas is legendary around the world for both good and bad, and a place of myth and legend. We’ve tried to show that — and just give people a good time reading about some very bad people.”
Lone Star Larceny is available in paperback at amazon.com.

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