Candelario Olmos, 42, and Yadira Olmos, 40, competed in the fifth annual Clamato Michelada Festival in downtown Fort Worth this weekend, showcasing their drink mix.

Their restaurant, Micheladas Olmos, 1201 S. Ayers Ave., was founded in 2011 and won the first three festival competitions for best michelada mix. A michelada is a traditional Mexican drink made with clamato, lime juice, beer, chili powder and other ingredients based on the maker’s preference.

“It has been blessing after blessing, and we are in awe that our mix is loved by so many people,” Yadira said Sunday in Spanish. “We didn’t know that we were going to be a hit. The first festival tripled our clients.”

Micheladas Olmos was one of 10 micheleros, or michelada businesses, at the festival this year. Forty vendors selling clothes, micheladas, food and candy set up downtown.

The fundraising event highlights local businesses while having them compete in a friendly, best-mix competition for a trophy and $500. Attendees voted through QR codes posted around the festival. This year’s winner was Houston-based Micheladas El Guero.

Patricia Castillo, executive director of nonprofit Connect | Respect, organized the first festival in 2016. Since then, it has been an annual event, except for 2020 when it was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We, together, are making strides in this concept. Even having this event in the center of Fort Worth is a success because 100% of these vendors are locals except for one,” Castillo said.

Not only does the festival place local businesses in the limelight, but it also helps raise money for scholarships at Texas Wesleyan University where Castillo received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

“We need this. Our people need this. The city needs this,” Castillo said. “This event celebrates Hispanic heritage and Fort Worth heritage because we are Fort Worth.”

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