By Elizabeth Ledet

I don’t just like living in Marine Creek Ranch — I love it, because it’s home and it’s been home for eight or nine years now. 

The people on my street are amazing. We’ve grown so close that we’ve gone to crawfish boils with some of our neighbors. A typical day in my neighborhood is seeing street kids playing with each other at 5 p.m., having different food trucks every weekend at the club house or enjoying fireworks for the 4th of July off Marine Creek Lake. 

If there’s a car going 80 mph on the street, someone will usually follow it and talk to the person, saying something like, “Hey, there are kids playing! You’re going too fast.” 

The kids at our school have known most of each other since kindergarten. We live here because it’s safe and it’s fun and it’s alive. Everyone knows everyone. I may not be friends with them, but I know them either because they go to school with me, or they are always walking their dogs at 7:30 in the morning when I leave for school. I’m neighbors with some of my classmates — kind of embarrassing at times, but it has its good parts. 

What’s amazing is that, if one of our neighbors sees someone go into our house and knows we’re not there, they call us. “Hey, someone’s at your house.” Because they care. They care whether or not we get robbed. And they’re the first ones to ask what’s wrong when the fire department or police are at your house (because your father had a bad reaction to something). Because they care. And they always ask if we need help, or if they need to take the kids.

The thing is, we aren’t a normal neighborhood — we’re a family. We’re a family that knows where your kid’s missing backpack is, because our kid is in the same class as yours. 

Or, when someone needs something, they go on the neighborhood Facebook page and ask, “Hey, anyone got toilet paper?” or “Hey, anyone want to babysit?” And everyone is so kind. When your kid wants to start earning money by mowing lawns or babysitting, people are fast to help, saying, “Hey, I could need a babysitter this weekend?” 

Because they’re kind. They love helping each other. 

So, overall, why do I love living in Marine Creek Ranch? It’s because it’s home, and even when I move out of this neighborhood, it will always be home. And nothing, no home, no person, no state, no one can be able to change how much I love and will always love Marine Creek Ranch. 

Elizabeth Ledet, 13, is an eighth grader at Ed Willkie Middle School in Fort Worth. 

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Marine Creek Ranch

Total population: 18,944
Female: 50% | Male: 50%

0-9: 17%
10-19: 18%
20-29: 11%
30-39: 14%
40-49: 20%
50-59: 11%
60-69: 7%
70-79: 2%
80 and older: 0%

No degree: 10%
High school: 25%
Some college: 30%
Bachelor’s degree: 23%
Post-graduate: 12%

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