The DFW Non-Profit Resource Group considers itself a family whose members are there to volunteer their time, even though most of them have full-time jobs. 

They value their remarkable relationships among each of their members to make a difference with each other but also their clients and the community. 

The group focuses on supplying food, toys and home furnishings.  

During the past few months, the group has donated five pallets of computer equipment to Tech for Troops, provided a $500 door prize to Alliance for Children, a $400 gratitude gift to Vets4Children on behalf TK Klund, and 30 $100 individual donations to various nonprofits.

DFW Non-Profit Resource Group ambassador Michelle Berndt, left, and founder Eric Zarko, right, announced the grouop’s new leadership team on Dec. 2. (Cristian ArguetaSoto | Fort Worth Report)

The group was founded by Eric Zarko, who promotes and markets the company and clients within the DFW community  on the core belief that members could elevate their impacts and experiences with their nonprofit clients. Zarko’s full-time job is at Iconic IT — an outsource IT company.

Eight people helped start the group in 2018, and now there are 100 people in two states. 

“I had a vision of creating a mission-friendly professional list for our nonprofit clients, and that slowly developed into being connected to various surplus sources,” Zarko said.

Iconic IT provided Zarko the ability to assemble a group of trusted resources and mission-minded professionals for their nonprofit clients. 

How to join

Contact: Email Eric Zarko at or go to the DFW Non-profit Resource Group website.   

Zarko said he is blessed that Iconic IT was able to help him foster the group’s development. “We have touched close to 100 different local nonprofits in the DFW area with various surplus.”

The group has grown to have more than 30 nonprofit clients. 

As the group started to connect with various surplus sources, it established relationships with a couple of distribution centers in town for toys, food, water and clothing. 

“Whenever I first had the vision of the group, I didn’t imagine we would have a relationship with distribution centers, a relationship with At Home (the furnishing store), all of which is beautiful,” he said. 

The relationship with At Home started over a year ago where the group had to distribute gaylords, which is a box that fits on a wooden paddle.

They also had another event with At Home, where a nonprofit organization in Grand Prairie lost all of its contents for three or four shelters from the ice storm earlier this year. 

“They received a 30-foot box truck of new furnishings,” Zarko said. “You can just imagine the overwhelming gratitude they shared with us.”

“All that is just wonderful, and sometimes comes in perfect timing because some of these nonprofits may have a particular fundraising event, or they could use the surplus to replenish transitional housing, or the resale stores,” Zarko said. 

Last year, they were contacted by their surplus connections that had a thousand Sesame Street onesies, ranging from toddler to adult sizes. 

“We rallied a couple of volunteers and we distributed them to three different nonprofits that support adult and youth homelessness,” Zarko said. “The pictures they shared with children smiling will be forever etched in my memory and soul.” 

DFW Non-Profit Resource Group’s new leadership team was announced on Dec. 2. The organization helps nonprofits with funds and supplies. (Cristian ArguetaSoto | Fort Worth Report)

They also found out about 130 new, decorated youth travel luggage pieces and didn’t know where to start with the surplus, so they worked and collaborated with five new adoption services. 

“For the first time many of us heard of the garbage bag story,” Zarko said. “The garbage story, in the adoption world, is the first time they intake a child and all of their belongings are in a trash bag — thinking of that is gut wrenching.” 

Zarko said knowing they helped 130 kids be welcomed with a sense of dignity warmed their hearts. 

Vice President of Strategic Development for OneShare Michelle Berndt serves as the executive administrator and ambassador for the organization. She focuses on working with nonprofits and heard about what Zarko was doing in the community with the DFW Non-Profit Resource Group and said she loved their mission. 

“When it comes to being a nonprofit, resources and nonprofits are the key to success.”

Michelle Berndt, Vice President of Strategic Development for OneShare

Nonprofits are successful, but finding them can be a challenge. 

“One group alleviates that step and brings them to their front door, so we want to be a toolkit for them,” Berndt said. 

They are committed to making a difference in the lives of the DFW community. 

“It is soul-rewarding, humbling at the same time hearing, first-hand seeing, and feeling the group’s impacts have touched many lives – the members of the group,  nonprofits we love on the people they serve,” said Zarko.

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