FORT WORTH, Texas, February 3, 2022—The Cliburn announces today the 72 exceptional pianists representing 22 countries selected to come to Fort Worth next month to participate in the live Screening Auditions (March 612, 2022) of the sixteenth edition of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (June 2–18, 2022). The Auditions are open to the public and are free to attend. 


·         Ages 18 to 31 (as of Competition dates) *

·         57 men, 15 women

·         22 nations comprising:

o    Austria, Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

o    Most represented: South Korea (16), Russia (14), China (12), United States (7)

*An extra year of eligibility was added to the Cliburn’s normal age range of 18–30 due to the pandemic-related one-year postponement.


·         March 612, 2022 (full schedule HERE)

·         PepsiCo Recital Hall on the campus of TCU

·         72 pianists perform 25-minute recitals


The following 72 pianists were chosen from an impressive pool of 388 applicants from 51 countries—the largest and most diverse in the Cliburn’s 60-year history.

Tianxu An, China, age 23

Julius Asal, Germany, 25

Adam Balogh, Hungary, 24

Ivan Bessonov, Russia, 19

Daniel Borovitzky, Israel, 30

Rachel Breen, United States, 25

Yangrui Cai, China, 21

Albert Cano Smit, Spain/Netherlands, 25

Dominic Cheli, United States, 28

Jiarui Cheng, China, 23

Sae Yoon Chon, South Korea, 26

Dmytro Choni, Ukraine, 28

Kyubin Chung, South Korea, 25

Federico Gad Crema, Italy, 23

Tatiana Dorokhova, Russia, 30

Théo Fouchenneret, France, 28

Anna Geniushene, Russia, 31

Francesco Granata, Italy, 23

Arseniy Gusev, Russia, 23

Chi Ho Han, South Korea, 30

George Harliono, United Kingdom, 21

Minsoo Hong, South Korea, 29

So Hyang In, South Korea, 30

Carter Johnson, Canada/United States, 25

Masaya Kamei, Japan, 20

Uladzislau Khandohi, Belarus, 20

Andrew Hyungdo Kim, United States, 26

Do-Hyun Kim, South Korea, 27

Honggi Kim, South Korea, 30

Hyelim Kim, South Korea, 25

Junhyung Kim, South Korea, 24

Maxim Kinasov, Russia/United Kingdom, 28

Elizaveta Kliuchereva, Russia, 23

Aleksandr Kliuchko, Russia, 21

Shuan Hern Lee, Australia, 19

Taek Gi Lee, South Korea, 25

Andrew Li, United States, 22

Siqian Li, China, 29

Xiaoxuan Li, China, 20

Ying Li, China, 24

Yuzhang Li, China, 22

Yunchan Lim, South Korea, 18

Denis Linnik, Belarus, 26

Kate Liu, United States, 28

Ziyu Liu, China, 24

An-Chi Mai, Taiwan, 20

Jonathan Mak, Canada, 25

Dimitri Malignan, France/Romania, 24

Aidan Mikdad, Netherlands, 20

Arsenii Mun, Russia, 23

Georgijs Osokins, Latvia, 27

Jinhyung Park, South Korea, 26

Kyongsun Park, South Korea, 30

Yeon-Min Park, South Korea, 31

Vladimir Petrov, Mexico/Russia, 25

Philipp Scheucher, Austria, 29

Changyong Shin, South Korea, 28

Ilya Shmukler, Russia, 27

Vitaly Starikov, Russia, 27

Clayton Stephenson, United States, 23

Yutong Sun, China, 26

Marcel Tadokoro, France/Japan, 28

Sergey Tanin, Russia, 26

Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev, Russia, 29

Julian Trevelyan, United Kingdom, 23

Alexander Ullman, United Kingdom, 30

Anastasia Vorotnaya, Russia, 27

Wynona Yinuo Wang, China, 25

Jiacheng Xiong, China, 25

Yuki Yoshimi, Japan, 22

Jihyung Youn, South Korea, 23

Xiaolu Zang, China, 22


·         All Auditions are open to the public and are free to attend; no tickets are required.

·         Patrons must be 10 years of age or older to attend the Screening Auditions or the Competition itself.

·         Patrons will be required to wear masks at all times while inside the building.

·         Performances will begin promptly on schedule; no late seating will be allowed.

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