Waxahachie resident Tom Stockdale, 67, became hooked when his friend and his wife bought used trikes on eBay. They introduced him to the three-wheeled vehicles that helped him stay active while suffering from back pain and arthritis. 

“If you’re on a regular two-wheel bike, the gravity is pushing you down and pushing your knees. You can’t get comfortable on your seat, and your back hurts from leaning over,” Stockdale said. “So, on these things, I can go for miles.”

Stockdale now rides regularly with his neighbor, who he introduced into the world of trikes, and a group of friends who gather twice a month to cover North Texas trails. The group ride is organized by John Paulus, owner of John’s Trikes & Bikes in Lancaster.

Stockdale bought his trike at Paulus’ shop. 

John’s Trikes & Bikes, 157 Historic Town Square, found its niche eight years ago.

“We’ve been there 11 years. We didn’t start out with trikes, but as I aged and found out about trikes, I started to really get into it,” Paulus said. “We have about 30 to 35 demo trikes because they’re all so different.”

Most riders in the group bought their trikes from Paulus’ trike shop. Michelle Pinkerton, 64, purchased a top-of-the-line trike — a $13,000 Adventure HD.

“I have respiratory issues, so I run out of air,” Pinkerton said. “It’s got a heck of a good motor. A hundred-mile ride is really not that big of a deal on a trike.”

Trikers have long flags on the back of their rides — not for fun, but for safety.

“These flags, there’s a reason. They’re here so that the level of the bike puts us at eye level of motorists,” Stockdale said. “They’re not for fanciness or whatever. They have a safety purpose.”

The group met at the Trinity Trailhead near Press Cafe, 4801 Edwards Ranch Road, and rode a 14-mile route along the Trinity River on March 5. Its next ride will be on March 19, and the location has yet to be determined.

For information on how to get involved with the group, email Paulus.

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