Cuquita’s Cositas owner Hilda Izaguirrre sold traditional Mexican accessories and jewelry at Tulips, 112 St. Louis Ave., on March 8.

“‘Cuquita’ is the name of my aunt — the last aunt I have on my father’s side,” Izaguirre said. “My father’s side (of the family) had a very tragic disease, so they all died at a very young age and my aunt is the last standing relative that I have.”

The business owner took pride in her aunt’s resilience and decided to name the business she owns and operates after her aunt, Cuquita Izaguirre. The vendor was one of 25 women-owned businesses and artists at Tulips FTW.

Texas Women Stand Your Ground is a women-led organization, and the group held its event on  International Women’s Day as part of the Paint Texas Blue initiative. 

The group’s co-founders, Austin Strauss and Laura Pace, created the organization as a response to Senate Bill 8, an act related to abortion restriction and access. One of their main goals is to raise money for the Texas Equal Access fund; they raised $2,000 for the fund during their first event in November 2021.

“Tonight was based around showcasing all of the talent in Fort Worth that women have to offer,” Strauss said. “In their businesses, comedians, musicians, and just all the different versions women can be.”

Workers with HeadCount helped guests register to vote at the door.

“It’s so women can get the health care they need,” Strauss said. “I want people to get their voice heard no matter what their voice is, and you can’t be heard if you don’t vote.”

In the opposite corner of the venue stood Angel De La Cruz, owner of Susie Skulls, selling her hand-made skulls and jewelry.

De La Cruz worked as a sergeant at a jail for the sheriff’s department for 11 years before she quit for mental health reasons and took a leap in starting her business.

“It was scary. For the longest, I was a single mom, so that provided me comfort because I had a job that could pay my bills and have good insurance,” De La Cruz said. “I didn’t plan it.”

De La Cruz missed a lot of her kids’ childhood because of the hectic schedule she worked at the jail. The officers and inmates’ safety was her responsibility, which caused her immense stress.

Now “I set my own hours and spend time with my family,” De La Cruz said. 

De La Cruz’s grandmother called her “Susie” and her sister Andrea “Sally”, and her business is a nod to those nicknames.

Texas Women Stand Your Ground plans on hosting more fundraising events with women business owners in Fort Worth every couple of months — there is not official date for their next event.

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