For nearly 30 years, Barbi Blair Stroudt, 70, has worked with the Tarrant County Women’s Auxiliary. This year marks the return of the auxiliary’s garage sale that aims to raise money for the Salvation Army.

The return of the event was not easy, though.

“We’re usually busting at the seams with our donations, but, this year, we are in a little bit of a lurch,” Stroudt, the fundraising chairwoman of the Tarrant County Women’s Auxiliary, said. “We’re always trying to strive. Now, we’ve been knocked down a step or two, but we’ll get back there.”

The auxiliary had to halt its 2020 Garage Sale days before it was set to take place. The COVID-19 pandemic halted their two months of hard work. But, the group of women intend on reviving the sale on April 22-23 at the Salvation Army warehouse, 229 E. Felix St.

The auxillary’s decision to hold its Garage Sale this year came in late March. It left the members only five weeks to gather donations and set up the warehouse, where they normally would have eight weeks to organize before their sales.

The group’s 2019 Garage Sale netted it $55,000, Stroudt said. However, this year’s sale hasn’t even received 25% of the donations its previous sales have had, leaving the auxiliary in a tough position.

The women organize, clean and set up the warehouse for the sale from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Donated items range from antique electronics and household knick knacks to clothes and kitchenware to lawn sprinklers and vinyl records.

“We really enjoy not only the fact that we’re raising money for the Salvation Army, but that we’re also doing good for the community,” Stroudt said. “That’s what strikes a lot of the people in their hearts is that they’re giving the opportunity for people to come in and shop and get what they need at rock bottom.”

Stroudt became involved with the auxiliary early on. Her mother, Edith Blair, now 97, was one of the auxiliary’s founders in 1994. Blair volunteered with the Salvation Army frequently before becoming a founding member of the Tarrant County Women’s Auxiliary.

The group of women are accepting donations up until five minutes before the sale.

Stroudt and her fellow volunteers continue to set the warehouse up for the sale.

“I am really just proud of my ladies,” she said. “We’re in here just pushing as hard as we can and just trying to do the best that we can.”

To donate, drop off items at the warehouse, 229 E. Felix St., or call (817) 923-2650 to set up a pick-up appointment.

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