Members of the Huong Dao Temple, a sprawling Buddhist monastery at 4717 E. Rosedale St., will place a “first stone” on a 14-acre expansion site during a 1 p.m. ceremony Sunday, May 15, launching a $100 million campaign to build 840 large and small stupas to house sacred teachings.

The largest of the granite and steel structures will be 130 feet tall – about four-fifths the size of the Arch de Triomphe in Paris – and will be visible for miles from the monastery, which lies just north of the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood current undergoing redevelopment. Temple leaders, monks and designers are finishing a 5-foot by 8-foot replica stupa that was created with 3D printers and will be displayed at the event.

“The Ancient Sacred Buddhist Scripture Stupas site is a monumental project. Not every temple would have the funding to build it,” said Tue Nhan Bhikkhu, who is known as “Rev. Nguyen.” “Over history, typically only Asian kings were able to raise the funds to construct a Great Sacred Buddhist Site. Everyone who is Buddhist all over the world is invited to participate. The site will be an anchor for our rich culture and ancient architecture representing Asian Buddhist countries.

The Huong Dao Monastery has been located in Fort Worth for more than 26 years. The Buddhist temple at 4717 E. East Rosedale St., is notable for its beautiful, 12,000 square-foot worship hall and gardens. The temple is the site for teaching and mediation for about 1,000 predominantly Vietnamese American practitioners of the Buddhist faith.

Temple monks and members organize regular community events, including health fairs, faith-based information sessions and food distribution events. In 2020, Tarrant Area Food Bank recognized the temple as one of the leading distribution points for residents in need.

Construction of the Ancient Sacred Buddhist Scripture Stupas Site will provide sacred space to preserve the Buddha’s teachings, the Rev. Nguyen said. Buddhists consider the teachings “profound, pure, and practical truth” as well as “the message of Compassion, Wisdom, and Liberation” for sentient beings that has endured for more than 25 centuries.

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