After two decades of public service, Betsy Price proudly announced her return to the private sector to join Overwatch Fund, adding her energy, experience and perspective to the Fort Worth-based private real estate investment firm.

“The Overwatch business and brand is built on service, trust and integrity, and we can’t think of a better match for the Overwatch team than our friend, Betsy Price,” said Ben Loughry, principal, Overwatch Fund. “Betsy has an unsurpassed reputation throughout Texas and across our nation. Both her experience and relationships will be tremendous assets not only to Overwatch, but more importantly to our investors who’ve put their trust in us.”

After running her own successful business for 17 years, Price turned to public service and was first elected in 2000 to serve as Tarrant County Tax Assessor. After ten years of service at the county, Price was elected to serve as Fort Worth Mayor in 2011 where she successfully led one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic cities.

“Those who know me understand that I don’t do idle and I’m not short of ideas and perspectives built on my experience in both the private and public sectors,” said Price. “Joining the Overwatch team—a team that I’ve long trusted and respected—came as an exciting opportunity, and I look forward to contributing to the continued growth and development of Overwatch investments.”

About Overwatch Fund:

Overwatch Fund is a private real estate investment firm with 20 years of expertise and a focus on diverse investor portfolios with offerings in all categories of commercial real estate. Each asset undergoes an extensive due diligence process by our experienced team of professionals. We pursue value-add opportunities and hold for varying lengths of time. Our sponsors have proven track records of success and they have equity in each transaction. We aim to provide excellent service to our investors in addition to providing high, risk-adjusted returns. Website:

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