(Dallas/Fort Worth) — KERA and the City of Dallas, Office of Arts and Culture are in the final confirmation process of a management agreement for Dallas-based classical music station WRR  101.1 FM — the first licensed broadcast station in Texas and one of the nation’s oldest operating  radio stations. KERA has submitted a proposal in an open procurement process and has finalized  a contract with the City. The proposed contract will go to the Dallas City Council for approval. 

The management agreement ensures WRR remains a locally programmed classical station,  operated by KERA and owned by the City of Dallas. Keeping WRR a classical station is not only a requirement of the City’s RFP — it is KERA’s explicit goal. The agreement also ensures WRR  will continue to operate out of its Fair Park studios in South Dallas for the next seven years.  

“KERA is honored to be considered to manage WRR and deepen its commitment to classical  music,” says Nico Leone, President & CEO of KERA. “Together we can help WRR grow and serve  diverse audiences in Dallas and across North Texas, ensuring WRR’s sustainability for  generations to come. And given our own commitment to arts and culture, and our strong  partnerships both locally and nationally, KERA is well positioned to build on the success that WRR  has achieved in its incredible 101-year history.” 

KERA is an ideal management partner to help WRR grow its audience, keep up with industry and  technology trends, and ensure audiences receive the highest-quality classical music  programming possible. For more than 60 years, KERA has served the people of North Texas with  the best in public broadcasting programming. And like WRR, KERA has a longstanding legacy of  supporting the arts in North Texas — from in-depth arts reporting on 90.1 KERA News and  Art&Seek, to inspiring performances on KERA TV and 91.7 KXT. Additionally, KERA reaches  more than 2.6 million people each week through its public service platforms and broadcast  channels. That coverage is also shared statewide through The Texas Newsroom, and nationally on NPR. 

“WRR is a beloved station in the Dallas and North Texas community,” says Sylvia Komatsu, Chief Content and Diversity Officer of KERA. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to deepen our shared commitment to the arts and classical music in North Texas, and together engage with previously  underrepresented communities in the classical space.” 

At the core of KERA’s mission is its commitment to sharing multiple perspectives and celebrating  and reflecting the diversity of our region — a commitment that would be extended into the station’s management of WRR. Already, KERA’s Art&Seek calendar represents  more than 4,000 arts groups and venues, providing exposure to diverse  organizations of all sizes across the region.  

Together, WRR and KERA will continue in their shared goal of expanding arts and classical music  programming in North Texas and beyond. 


KERA is a not-for-profit public media organization serving North Texas through KERA TV, KERA  Create, KERA World, KERA Kids 24/7, KERA 90.1 and the Triple-A music station KXT 91.7 FM.  For over 60 years, North Texans have turned to KERA as a vibrant destination for community  engagement and lifelong learning. KERA produces original multimedia content, carries the best  in national and international public television and radio programs, and provides online resources  at www.kera.org. 

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