Maria Flores, 40, sat in the third line of the Tarrant Area Food Bank’s community food distribution with her three kids. 

Flores, a nursing assistant, is preparing for summertime, when her kids will be home from school.

“It’s going to be a bigger expense because the kids will be home all day, and they won’t be eating at school anymore,” Flores said in Spanish. “Things have gotten expensive. It’s all too much right now.”

The Tarrant Area Food Bank hosted its mobile food distribution on May 25 at Herman Clark Stadium, 5201 Ca Roberson Blvd. Hundreds of cars lined up to receive groceries.

Nate Starmer, a worker for the bank, said organizers expected to distribute food to over 1,000 families. The workers had 100,000 pounds of food ready to go.

Each family made their way through a drive-through loading area where food bank volunteers moved bags and boxes of meals.

Families received two loaves of bread, four packages of chicken breast strips with Hello Fresh kits, a gallon of milk, two dozen eggs, two whole chickens, a bag of canned goods, five bags of cereal, a bag of rice, beans and pasta, a five-pound bag of potatoes, three-pound bag of apples, and an assorted produce bag.

Food bank distributions have seen increasingly longer lines, Starmer said. Families could be affected by rising gasoline prices — which have nearly doubled in the past months — increasing grocery prices — which have been affected by supply chain issues — and, now, kids being home from school.

Flores spent roughly $250 a week for groceries, toilet paper and other household necessities. Now, she spends closer to $320 and expects that to hit a higher number now that her children will be home from school.

The mother heard about the distribution on Facebook. She has been to a couple of other distributions before, but it’s more urgent now. Her husband and daughters don’t particularly like going to the distributions, but Flores said it’s a necessity.

“This helps us a bit. It’s not wise to go spend that money in a grocery store when there are resources who can help,” Flores said. “Sometimes I don’t come because of how many people there are in line.”

At Herman Clark Stadium, the hundreds of cars moved to the front quickly. Starmer said workers keep the wait line similar to what a family would last at a grocery store — 45 minutes.

The food bank distributed to 900 families on May 24 at Six Flags Over Texas, 2201 E. Road, a day before the Herman Clark Stadium point, Starmer said.

To find locations and dates for future Tarrant Area Food Bank distributions, click here.

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Cristian ArguetaSoto

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