Muralist Katie Murray, 36, helped children create masterpieces at Arts Fort Worth and Art Room’s five-day summer camp on June 13 at Arts Fort Worth.

“I always say that art makes you smarter in all categories because it opens your mind and makes you think differently, which is beneficial in all platforms like math and reading, science, etc.,” Murray said.

Art Room and Arts Fort Worth’s five-day summer camp will run all summer and provide creative outlets for children to learn, Murray said. She will teach her “Designing Like the Masters” course until June 17 and a different course in late July at the Arts Fort Worth Center, 1300 Gendy St.

Art Room, a nonprofit organization focused on art and education, is Arts Fort Worth’s Art Collective Resident that will help with educational programming and outreach.

Art is necessary in education and art camps are unknown in Fort Worth, Murray said.

Prominent art camp host Van Grow Studio, 3434 W. 7th St., permanently closed during the COVID-19 pandemic leaving a void in youth art.

“I don’t know why the art camps seem hidden because I know that there are more out there,” Murray said. “I think what was missing and what people felt was that need for creativity for their kids.”

For more information on Art Room’s summer workshops, visit its events website.

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Cristian ArguetaSoto

Cristian ArguetaSoto is the community engagement journalist at the Fort Worth Report. He can be reached at or (817) 317-6991.