Carter BloodCare hosts a blood drive on June 14 at Burnett Park, 501 W. 7th St. The nonprofit aims to raise awareness for blood donations on World Blood Donor Day. (Cristian ArguetaSoto | Fort Worth Report)

Granbury resident Lacey Goodson, 32, works in downtown Fort Worth. On June 14, she made her way over to Burnett Park and donated blood.

She makes it a priority to donate when she can.

“There’s a pretty big need, especially with this shooting down South, and every time this comes out, I try to donate,” Goodson said. “It’s something my mom always taught me.”

Goodson donated at nonprofit Carter BloodCare’s mobile donation clinic on World Blood Donor Day. The nonprofit focuses on blood donation drives and awareness.

The nonprofit hosts 20-25 mobile blood drives daily in Tarrant County and has 26 designated blood donation centers, James Black, the public relations specialist at Carter BloodCare, said.

“With everything that has been going on recently, both locally and globally, I think people are more aware of how important the need for blood donations is right now,” Black said. “We really focus on raising awareness of how important those consistent donations are.’

A resident on her way to donate blood on June 14. Carter BloodCare hosted a blood drive from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Burnett Park, 501 W. 7th St. (Cristian ArguetaSoto | Fort Worth Report)

As part of World Blood Donor Day, the nonprofit re-emphasized the importance of donating blood. Summertime usually yields fewer donations, Black said. School is out and high school blood drives account for 25% of community donations.

“We really emphasize and ask the community to step up during the summer and help us beat that slump,” Black said.

A resident asks about donating blood on June 14 at Burnett Park, 501 W. 7th St. (Cristian ArguetaSoto | Fort Worth Report)

Donors need to wait 56 days, or roughly two months, between donations, further emphasizing the need for consistent donors, he added.

Goodson learned to donate often from her mother, she said. She hopes more people will step up and donate for a good cause.

“Just do it. So many people need it all the time. It’s one of the few things that just takes time,” Goodson said. “It doesn’t hurt and it could save lives.” 

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