Sandra Garcia grew up in Diamond Hill and is now a permanent fixture in the neighborhood. (Courtesy photo | Fort Worth Report)

By Sandra Garcia

When we came to the U.S. as children, things were simpler and quieter.

We have always lived in parts of Diamond Hill and Northside. Our family of 10 moved around. We finally settled down in 1991 to the current house we have now and have lived in the community since.  

Some of my favorite places to go are Food City for the tacos and flour tortillas, Taqueria Temo for tacos, and Carneceria La Superior for meat for cookouts. Diamond Hill is also known for Sabine Jarvis Little League and after school programs.

I like how we came together to support Diamond Hill Jarvis High School when they went to state for sports. I like how we are family-oriented and families live together. I live next door to my mom.  

When we moved here in 1991, my father put a down payment on three lots, which included a house after getting a worker’s compensation settlement. For the next 10 years, my parents made payments until it was paid off. We got to know the neighbors as they are also a family that lives within houses of each other.  

Over the years we have seen each other’s families grow up, graduate and leave the neighborhood. However, my parents and the Castillos stayed. My father and the Castillo family were known as the watch dogs in the neighborhood. They would sit out on their porch and people watch. If anything happened, we all knew about it. 

My father passed last year, and so did the elderly Castillo matriarch and patriarch. My mom is now the person who sits on the porch to watch the neighborhood, along with some of the Castillo family.

It is sad to see everyone move out of the neighborhood as traffic from the Stockyards hits the area on busy weekends, property taxes increase, and they see a better future somewhere else. I moved away and came back in 2017. I am now a permanent fixture here after buying a house in the same neighborhood.  

One thing to note about Diamond Hill: Never refer to our neighborhood as Northside. We will defend it. We have a Fort Worth ISD school board trustee and a Tarrant County College board trustee close by that help keep this area vibrant. We are all active in the community, especially when tough times hit with COVID-19. We got together and organized Covid supplies and distributed them to the neighborhood. We got neighbors registered for the vaccine. We are proud people.

Sandra Garcia studied International Business and Management at Texas Wesleyan University. She’s worked for the city of Fort Worth for over 25 years and is the state chair of the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas. She also is involved in MANA de North Texas, Juntos Se Puede and Young Women’s Leadership Academy. She has a million nieces and nephews she adores.

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Diamond Hill

Total population: 5,035
Female: 47% | Male: 53%

0-9: 12%
10-19: 16%
20-29: 16%
30-39: 13%
40-49: 15%
50-59: 12%
60-69: 8%
70-79: 6%
80 and older: 3%

No degree: 68%
High school: 22%
Some college: 7%
Bachelor’s degree: 3%
Post-graduate: 0%

White: 3% | Asian: 0% | Hispanic: 95% | Black: 2% | Two or more: 0%

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