Photographer Dontrius Williams began his photo project “Product Of The Block” as a portraiture series before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. 

“It started out as a portrait project at the end of 2019. And then COVID happened. So, it was hard to meet people and get close to people,” Williams said. “I just started carrying the camera around as meditation. Walking around in the city, I saw it was changing so much and it was cool to kind of document that.”

The project, which was shot on film, shaped itself into a combination of street and portrait photographs.

“Product Of The Block,” debuted June 1 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, 1300 Gendy St., and was extended through July 31.

Williams’ photo project “gives people their flowers while they’re still here,” he said. The subjects of his series include artist Charles Gray, Hotel Dryce co-owner Jonathan Morris and other prominent Fort Worth figures.

Photographer Christopher Knowles’ exhibit “BUCKETS” was extended, too. 

“Growing up, I would fill the bucket with warm water, wash myself, dump it out, and redo the process,” Knowles said. “That’s how I grew up, not knowing any different, unless I went to a friend or relative’s house.”

His project portrayed his childhood experience with baths. He stepped in a tub and used a bucket to scoop water onto his body, he said.

“As far as the newspaper, it’s so the floor wouldn’t get soaking wet from actively dunking my hand in the water,” Knowles said.

Williams also debuted his photobook “Product Of The Block” based on his exhibit with a number of extra images not featured in the Fort Worth Community Arts Center gallery.

Hotel Dryce co-owner Jonathan Morris is a board member of the Fort Worth Report.

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