By Melanie Kingsbury

My wife and I have lived in the Creekside neighborhood since 2015. That was the year that we were able to legally get married in the great state of Texas, and we bought our first home together. 

The Creekside Neighborhood sits on both sides of Farm-toMarket 1187 in Crowley. Our part of the neighborhood is on the south side and known as Creekside South. The southern section is small, with only about 150 homes and no pass-through streets. It feels very safe here and is quiet, except for the sound of the train whistle blowing now and then. Occasionally, we get a glimpse of a hawk circling overhead, and we are often treated to the sound of bird song as cardinals, mockingbirds, pigeons and house wrens frequent our gardens.

Not long after we moved in, we began making friends with our neighbors. We were delighted to find people from many walks of life. Among others, we have met teachers, nurses, police officers and retirees. Our neighbor down the street runs a home-decorating business out of her home, and we have shared tips on holiday lighting. One neighbor works at a car dealership and has helped make connections for those in search of vehicles. Not too long ago, I met a neighbor who had just opened a gym not too far away.

When the weather is nice, you will often see bright green “Kid Alert” signs in the street with flags flying. And behind them you will find children and their families out in the streets and on their lawns playing basketball, blowing bubbles or riding bikes. When the weather is hot, we head down to the cul-de-sac at the back corner of the neighborhood for a swim in our community pool. There is a splash pool area for the very young and a covered pavilion for those who burn easily. It is a refreshing way to cool off in this summer heat.One thing I love about our neighborhood is that there is diversity, and all are welcome. There are folks from foreign countries. There are African-Americans and Asian-Americans and Hispanics and whites. There are Protestants and Catholics and Jews and Muslims. And there are those of us from the LGBTQ community. And, for all of us, Creekside South is our home.

Melanie Kingsbury, 53, is a teacher at Chapel Hill Academy. She and her wife, Kimberly Kingsbury, 57, moved into the Creekside Side neighborhood in 2015; they married the same year. The Kingsburys are mothers to three children.

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Creekside South

Total population: 5,951
Female: 45% | Male: 55%

0-9: 15%
10-19: 20%
20-29: 14%
30-39: 16%
40-49: 15%
50-59: 8%
60-69: 8%
70-79: 2%
80 and older: 2%

No degree: 4%
High school: 30%
Some college: 42%
Bachelor’s degree: 19%
Post-graduate: 5%

White: 41% | Asian: 4% | Hispanic: 22% | Black: 32% | Two or more: 2%

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