Freeport, Illinois-natives Michelle Sollenberger and Josh Proehl traveled to Fort Worth to try Martin House Brewing’s newest brew, a beer made with hot dog water, but “Glizzy Fest: A Celebration of Hotdogs” happened to fall on the same date.

“Funny story, we didn’t drive down specifically for Glizzy Fest,” Sollenberger said. “Hot dog flavored seltzer is a weird concept and, for science, we had to try it. It tastes like a full-on hot dog.”

A few years ago, Sollenberger, 35, and Proehl, 37, were on the search for the wackiest beer flavors — they stumbled across Martin House Brewing in their search. Now, the two make trips monthly to Fort Worth solely for the brewery.

Pretty much the only connection Sollenberger and Proehl have to Fort Worth is Martin House Brewing, Sollenberger said.

The couple relaxed and tried different beers and hot dogs at Martin House Brewing’s Glizzy Fest on July 16. Several hot dog, barbecue and drink vendors gathered at Martin House Brewing, 220 S. Sylvania Ave., for the first Glizzy Fest.

Not too far over in a spot in the shade, Basil Holloway, 49, and his daughter, Courtney Holloway,  enjoyed some unique beers: a pickle beer, a pickle beer with chamoy, a savory Mexican sauce, and a mustard pickle relish beer.

Sitting with them was Fort Worth resident Nicki Antonitis, 30, an avid supporter of Martin House Brewing.

“I love supporting local breweries,” Antonitis said. “Martin House comes up with the craziest drinks, but it always works out for them.”

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