FORT WORTH, TX (JULY 2022) – This past April Leon Bridges & Gary Patterson introduced THE BIG GOOD to the North  Texas community in a BIG way. The gentlemen’s joint fundraising effort, that launched in 2020, hosted their inaugural  event in the Fort Worth Stockyards, welcoming a host of community leaders, athletes, philanthropists, and creatives from all over North Texas. This year’s BIG GOOD laid the groundwork for what will become a signature yearly event in  Fort Worth, which raised over $1 million from their 2022 efforts alone.  

This week, co-founders Leon Bridges & Gary Patterson visited the three charity beneficiaries of THE BIG GOOD’s  fundraising efforts: The Tarrant To & Through Partnership, UpSpire & United Community Center. THE BIG GOOD proudly  granted $250,000 to each beneficiary partner for the organizations to apply to the advancement of their programs.  

“Our partnership with THE BIG GOOD has been a true blessing,” said United Community Center’s Chief Executive Officer,  Celia Esparza. “It has created space for us to grow as an organization and bring awareness of what we do and who we  serve. We are so grateful to both Gary & Leon for stepping up and showing the power of community commitment not  only for UCC, but other organizations making a difference in our community.” 

The Tarrant To & Through Partnership aims to ensure more Tarrant County students have the training and skills they  need to thrive in today’s workforce through a variety of programs designed to inform and engage students and families  about college and career pathways.  

The UpSpire program aims to erase the barriers that prevent homeless guests of the Presbyterian Night Shelter from  working within our community. UpSpire works to break the cycles of homelessness and unemployment by providing  steady employment.  

United Community Center programs offer affordable licensed after-school literacy enriched childcare for Pre-K through  age 13. Their focus is serving marginalized children, families, and seniors through literacy enrichment and emergency  food services.  

“Working with these organizations has been a privilege,” said Patterson. “All of them are doing invaluable work  throughout our community and addressing critical needs.” 

“For us, it is really cool to be able to see how the organizations apply these donations,” added Bridges. “Since all of them  have such specific focuses, these efforts are improving Fort Worth in a variety of spaces. We can’t wait to see what our very deserving beneficiary partners do.” 

THE BIG GOOD will continue to serve Tarrant To & Through, UpSpire & United Community Centers through their 2023  fundraising efforts. The 2023 event is scheduled for March 30, 2023. For ways to get involved, please contact 

THE BIG GOOD would like to proudly recognize and thank their sponsors from 2022. A special thank you to Luther King  Capital Management, Sue Parrish, Gilchrist Automotive, North Texas Community Foundation, Higginbotham, Sewell & The Dallas Mavericks. 



THE BIG GOOD was founded in 2020 by recording artist Leon Bridges and legendary football Coach Gary Patterson. The  joint charity benefits organizations focused on helping children and families. The fundraising efforts gather notable  leaders in business, philanthropy, music, and sports to raise funds for various non-profit organizations focused on  making a BIG impact. 

THE BIG GOOD aims to proactively engage the North Texas community, offering several opportunities for people to get  involved. Through music, the arts, sports and more, THE BIG GOOD immerses every corner of the community to join to  make the BIGGEST changes for North Texas. 

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