By Greta Barradas, as told to Alexis Allison

I’ve lived in Guam, Hong Kong, Hawaii, California, Portugal and Paris. My late husband was an entrepreneur and worked in the wine and spirits business — we were fortunate we could live any place we wanted.

About 25 years ago, we came back to Texas. My uncle bought a unit in Indian Creek Condominiums and offered it to us. I am a Texan, so I was very familiar with Fort Worth and always liked it. I did not, however, know how my husband would adjust after traveling the world. 

Barry was born in Shanghai, China, but spent most of his young adult life in Hong Kong, where he opened the first duty free shop. And that is where I met him.

After purchasing the unit from my uncle, we lived there for about two years, knowing it was not quite large enough for us. We like to entertain, so we decided that we’d like to have a larger unit and we would try to look for one when we came available. Someone was moving and we bought the unit and, later, a smaller unit for our friends and extended family. 

I’ve been remodeling ever since. I’ve recently remodeled my bedrooms. Prior to that, new crown molding, new baseboards. These units are 56-57 years old; they’re quite old but they are in excellent condition. In this neighborhood, we are all “house proud.”

We kept in mind that this would be our retirement place. My husband died 11 years ago. I have very nice neighbors, very close neighbors — there are only 39 condos in this association. We have a lot of things we do on our own; people pitch in, help to plant the shrubbery as needed. Everybody works together. We all piddle in our patios. (Just weeks ago, the patio was so lush. Unfortunately, the sun is taking a toll on everything.)

I usually walk early in the mornings, say 6 o’clock. I feel perfectly safe here. I see beautiful trees. Up until now, the grass has been beautifully green and lush. No matter what the hour, I see another early bird. I talk to lots of people who are out walking early in the morning.

I still travel, usually for a month in Florida and California. You lock the door and you can go. I feel very good about just locking my door and leaving — that’s the beauty of living in a condominium complex. A neighbor is always ready to take care of your plants.

Later this summer, I’m going to move closer to my son and my great-granddaughter down in The Woodlands. I am sad to leave Indian Creek. However, I’m keeping my small condo to still be part of this awesome community.

It’s been a fabulous run. It really has. 

Greta Barradas has lived in her home in Indian Creek Condominiums for over 20 years. After moving to Texas, she went to work at Neiman Marcus and retired 17 years later. 

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