Thriving after burnout book cover
Thriving after burnout

Wichita Falls, TX:  The Teacher Care Network today announced the publication of THRIVing After Burnout, A Teacher’s Compassionate Guide, authored by educational psychologist, Dr. Jen Johnson. A life-long North Texan and former Arlington ISD teacher, Dr. Johnson wrote the book to help teachers cope with job-related distress exacerbated by pandemic teaching conditions. Teacher shortages are occurring nationwide, with thousands of teacher openings in North Texas alone.

“If we want to see students achieve and make strides both socially and academically, we have to first make sure our teachers have resources to maintain their own emotional health,” says Dr. Johnson, founder of the Teacher Care Network. “We have to stop telling teachers to ‘do self-care’, and instead give them research-based strategies and resources to holistically care for themselves in meaningful ways.”

The book is a step-by-step guide that includes:

Teacher stories
Evidenced-based practices proven to reduce burnout and increase well-being
A guide to implementing the practices in the classroom and at home

THRIVing After Burnout: A Teacher’s Compassionate Guide will be available starting August 2 on Amazon. For more information about the book, visit

About Dr. Johnson: Dr. Jen Johnson is an educational psychologist and founder of the Teacher Care Network. She helps teachers & administrators who are experiencing burnout recapture hope and increase joy by implementing her proprietary THRIV burnout recovery model based on evidence-based strategies and practical, sustainable practices.

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