We live in Sunrise Estates in Keller. We moved in on April 1 of 1995. 

How did we get here? Tim and I were living in Arlington. Our kids weren’t in school yet, but Tim was talking to a coworker who lived in Keller. The school system had a great reputation, so we decided to come look at this area. 

This was actually the first house that the realtor showed me. I came by myself to sort of scout it out. Then the plan was for Tim to come back to the ones I liked. This happened to be the first house that she showed me, which kind of worked against it. Because I liked it, but thought, “I can’t take the first house I look at?” We spent a couple of days looking at a bunch of houses. 

Tim came up and looked, I think at one other house, but he liked this one from the start and that was it. The house was built in 1986, but the people that lived in it had already moved out. So they were looking to get it off their hands and it worked for us. 

Keller was growing so fast then. The school district was growing as well and when we moved in we got a little real estate package with information on the area. It was about 10 pages, stapled together, and had information on schools. For the schools our kids would attend, it said Willis Lane on top, which is where they went. But it was a sticker and you peeled that back and it was something else. That was a sticker too and you peeled that back and it was something else. The district lines were changing and there were so many schools being added, I found it kind of funny.

So, Madylen, one of our four daughters, was three when we moved and all the girls went to the same elementary, middle, intermediate and then high school. And one year, I had one kid in four different schools. That was crazy. 

Obviously, we like the neighborhood. A lot of the original people that were here when we moved in, still live here. There are a lot of trees as well and the lots are large, about half an acre. I love the trees here too.  If you go to a new neighborhood, there are some newly planted trees, but here, I think there are a lot of native trees. 

The house has been plenty big enough for us to raise four kids. We did look at adding a second floor or moving to have more space, but I’m glad we didn’t. If we had moved, we would have ended up losing our yard, our pool or the storage room. So we ended up staying put and I’m glad we did. We don’t have to downsize. So it’s big enough now, with plenty of space for Tim and me and the growing number of grandkids. 

Karen Fagerman works for an engineering firm in Fort Worth. 

Sunrise Estate 76248

Total population 


51% female 49% males 


0-9: 13%

10-19: 18%

20-29: 7%

30-39: 11%

40-49: 14%

50-59: 17%

60-69: 12%

70-79: 5%

80 and older: 3%


No degree: 4%

High school: 13%

Some college: 26%

Bachelor’s degree: 38%

Post-graduate: 19%


White: 78% | Hispanic: 2% | Asian: 6% | Black: 1% | Two or more: 2%

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