By Sunday evening, Fred Napp, deputy fire chief in Haltom City, knew the city could expect heavy rains. The Haltom City fire department prepared its swiftwater rescue boats and waited for the “Old Testament” rain to land, Napp said.

The National Weather Service issued flood watches across Tarrant County Sunday night. Napp saw the heavy rain forecast for Monday and prepared his team. 

“Myself and the fire marshal went out at 9:30 a.m. on Monday,” Napp said. “We drove around and looked at some of our known spots that tend to flood. They weren’t close to coming over the banks at that time.”

Haltom City’s flooding locations: 

On Sunday night, thunderstorms poured across the area. By Monday afternoon, water levels began to rise. 

Timeline of the Haltom City fire department’s flood evacuations:

12:45 p.m.: The radar shows heavy rains across the Haltom City fire department’s radar.

1 p.m.: The fire department receives a call about a car stuck in the water. Napp sends a trained team to assess the situation. 

1:30 p.m.: Water levels continue to rise 

2 p.m.: Flood water in Haltom City reaches its peak. Rain starts leaking into houses. The department launches boats into flooded areas including Little Fossil Creek. The department evacuated homes in the 4700 Fossil Drive block.

“It was mainly along the Little Fossil Creek corridors where most of the problems occurred,” Napp said. “Once the rain quit, it wasn’t long before the water came up very fast, but it also went down just as fast.”

The Haltom City fire department evacuated between 15-20 residents from their homes, Napp told the Report. 

“It’s one of the most dangerous situations you can put your people in,” Napp said. “They’re stuck in the water. There’s holes and you just can’t see it, but we’re here to serve the people.”

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