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DALLAS, Texas (August 30, 2022) –Texas-based premium transportation company Vonlane has announced a return to 95% of its pre-pandemic capacity by increasing departures from major Texas cities as travel demand surges for fall.

Beginning in October, travelers can expect up to eight departures each way on Vonlane’s most popular routes – a total of 72 departures on peak days between major Texas destinations, including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

Fort Worth travelers heading to and from Austin or Houston will enjoy new early bird departures with 7:00 a.m. departure times both ways on the Fort Worth & Austin route and 6:00 a.m. departure times both ways on the Fort Worth & Houston route.

“Texans are eager to get out and travel across the state for vacation, for work, and to see loved ones, and they are looking to Vonlane for the best travel experience in America,” said Alex Danza, Founder & CEO of Vonlane. “By increasing our departures to pre-pandemic levels, we’re making it easier than ever for travelers to get away on their own schedule in comfort and style.”

Vonlane’s upcoming schedule will offer the following departures on peak days:

Dallas – Austin                           8 departures each way

Dallas – Houston                       8 departures each way

Austin – Houston                       8 departures each way

Houston – Fort Worth              4 departures each way

Austin – Fort Worth                  4 departures each way 

Houston – San Antonio           4 departures each way 

Vonlane has been ramping up departures for months to meet demand and hopes to re-launch out-of-state service in November.

Vonlane’s signature experience—including a spacious cabin, leather chairs, complimentary Wi-Fi and snacks, and on-board crew service—has created a loyal following of travelers throughout Texas. Vonlane has become the only choice for business and leisure travelers looking to bypass the hassles of airline travel and take advantage of Vonlane’s signature on-board service.

Travelers can book trips today for Vonlane’s premium coach service in anticipation of the expanded departure schedule.

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About Vonlane

Vonlane is a luxury motor coach service for business and leisure travelers. Through its Passenger-First travel strategies, Vonlane strives to offer business travelers an alternative means of transport that eliminates stress and improves business productivity at a reasonable cost. The Vonlane fleet provides travelers spacious, peaceful, and productive environments to maximize billable productive time or relaxation with hassle-free departure and arrival experiences. Vonlane currently offers luxury coach service in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Visit www.vonlane.com or follow @vonlanecoach.

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