Fort Worth police officers, firefighters and the Honor Guard gathered at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’a 9/11 Tribute Exhibit to hold a photoshoot in remembrance of the date.

The Honor Guard photos will be released Sept. 11 as a way to honor the victims, said Daniel Segura, a public relations and information officer for the police department.

“We’re getting a photo shoot of Fort Worth Police Department Honor Guard members saluting at the beam to honor the victims, firefighters, first responders and anyone who was affected by 9/11,” Segura said.

At the center of the 9/11 Tribute Exhibit sits N-101, a full-facade panel that supported three floors — 101-103 — two stories above the center of the impact zone of the North Tower, according to the museum’s site.

The beam is “one of the few recovered pieces traced to an exact location within the tower by the National Institute of Standards and Technology,” according to the museum. It weighs roughly 8,000 pounds and stands 36 feet tall.

Fort Worth police photographer Raymond Cervantez used the panel as a backdrop for images featuring an Honor Guard member. The photoshoot is done annually at the museum, Cervantez said.

“We provide honors for line of duty deaths and retirees that have served honorably,” Fort Worth Police Sgt. Jason Ricks said.

The Honor Guard presented colors on Aug. 27 at the Texas Wesleyan Rams versus Arkansas State University Querétaro campus football game.

“We do more of that, thankfully, because there’s not as many funerals to do,” Ricks said. “All these officers and myself all have regular jobs in the department and this is something extra that we do because we want to make sure that that honor is bestowed.”

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