A fire that destroyed a large Walmart Distribution Center in Plainfield, Indiana, on March 16 brought an everyday hero to Fort Worth.

Employees were displaced and personal belongings like phones, driver licenses and car keys were lost to the flames. Human resources department worker Keanna Jones, 45, spent months helping the victims — she now works in Fort Worth.

“Honestly, I had so much fun. I will tell you that the biggest piece was getting them somewhere safe so that they would feel a sense of security,” Jones said. “I think the biggest piece was just giving them a place to call home and until we figured out where they were going to go.”

On Aug. 30, Jones was named the Every Day Hero recognition from Walmart for her service after the Indiana fire. Walmart Senior Director Brandon Forcier recognized Jones’ service at an all-manager meeting on Aug. 30 at the Walmart Distribution Center, 5300 Westport Parkway.

Jones was born in New Orleans, moved to Texas in 2017, and then moved to Plainfield when she was offered a position at the distribution center. 

After 18 months, the fire placed her back in Texas.

“I think the most memorable thing since moving back from Indy has been just the love and reception that has come with it,” Jones said. “This team has been very welcoming, arms open. It has been one of the best transitions I’ve seen in a long time in my career.” 

Jones has played a tremendous role in recovery efforts and a facilitator in aiding employees, Forcier said. 

 “She’s got her hand in everything,” Forcier said. “We had six buildings, but unfortunately one up in Indiana burned down,” Forcier said. “We had thousands and thousands of associates and leaders impacted by it.”

Now, Jones is one of fewer than 30 Walmart employees with the Every Day Hero honor.

“I feel full of joy, but definitely overwhelmed. I’m not an attention kind of girl. I don’t like that. I do what I do because I love it,” Jones said.

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