6666 Guts & Glory line of alcoholic beverages (courtesy photo)

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and Producer David Glasser partner with L.A.
Libations to launch a line of Craft Beer, Ranch Water and ready-to-drink cocktails
Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan in partnership with 101 Studios and producer, David
Glasser are again blazing new trails, this time with beverage experts L.A. Libations. The partners have launched a new line of alcoholic beverages with major national retailers under the banner 6666 Grit & Glory. After purchasing the historic 6666 Ranch in Texas, which is featured on the record shattering show Yellowstone, the owners have created a line of beverages that celebrate the iconic ranch in conjunction with beverage company L.A. Libations.
Inspired by the famous 6666 Ranch, 6666 Grit & Glory line of craft beer, ranch water, spirit-based ranch waters and ready-to-drink cocktails will hit major retailers this week, expanding nationwide in 2023. The line of products includes a line of craft beers—a Pilsner, Session IPA and Amber Lager—along with varied traditional and flavor-forward selections in the ranch water, spirit-based ranch waters and ready-to-drink cocktails. Grit & Glory’s approach to crafting the new beverage line is genuine and authentic, striking a chord the founders have already tapped into with the Yellowstone world and its 15 million fans.
“We have created a brand and a beverage offering that celebrates the ranch lifestyle—striving for the life you enjoy and embracing everything it has to offer, both the Grit & the Glory of it” said Sheridan, a working cowboy, entrepreneur, actor, writer, director and co-creator of Yellowstone and spin-off series 1883 and 1923.
The beverage line rollout comes on the heels of Paramount’s announcement of a new
Yellowstone spin-off television series “6666”, expanding the franchise storyline to center on the “Four Sixes” ranch. The legendary 260,000-acre ranch and its rich heritage is the backdrop for “6666”, transporting the Yellowstone story and its characters from Montana south to Guthrie, Texas.
To launch the product line, Sheridan’s business partner Glasser turned to friend Danny Stepper and his company L.A. Libations, known in the beverage industry as the ‘go to company’ to launch new beverages. Stepper and L.A. Libations has recently been involved with hits such as ZOA Energy (with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson), Body Armor (which recently exited to The Coca-Cola Company), Core Water (which exited to Keurig Dr. Pepper) and Zico Coconut Water (which exited to The Coca-Cola Company and more. Stepper commented, “We weren’t looking

to get into the alcohol beverage space as we are already partnered with Molson Coors and they are the best in the business.  While they aren’t directly involved, we are doing this with their full support” Stepper continued, “This one was simply too good to pass up and leverages a friendship between me and David Glasser that spans years.  We are very excited to partner with the best creatives in the entertainment business by marrying the iconic and legendary 6666 Ranch with craft beer, ranch water and ready-to-drink cocktails to deliver the perfect extension of a brand with great heritage and authenticity.   The insane response we have received from Retailers & Distributors validates this authenticity, I can’t wait to see Taylor and David weave this brand into the world that they have created.  We are going to give every consumer a taste of it.”
Launching now in H-E-B, Kroger, Safeway, Albertson, Target and Sprouts and many other
retailers, products went on sale in Texas September 1, 2022 and the launch will then expand to Florida, Georgia and California before the year is out and continue to expand nationally in 2023.

About Four Sixes Grit & Glory 6666
After purchasing the historic 6666 Ranch in Texas, which is featured on the record shattering show Yellowstone, creators Taylor Sheridan and Producer David Glasser partnered with L.A. Libations to create a line of beverages that celebrate the iconic 6666 Ranch. The line of beverages include Craft Beers, Ranch Waters and Ready To Drink Cocktails inspired by the ranch. To learn more about 6666 Grit & Glory contact chris@6666gritandglory.com

About LA Libations
L.A. Libations is a next generation beverage creator, incubator and accelerator. L.A. Libations has established itself as a best-in-class entrepreneurial beverage company by forging industry successes, enjoying investment events, and prized brand exits with some of the biggest beverage companies in the world.  L.A. Libations is the Emerging Beverage Category Captain and a trusted advisor to many of the country’s largest retailers.  LAL has been involved with emerging brand exits, such as:  Zico Coconut Water, Core Water, Body Armor; launched with emerging brands like Zoa Energy (in partnership with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and created brands such as Don’t Quit (Co-Founded with Jake Steinfeld), Orro (Co-Founded with Tabitha Brown) and Arriba Chelada. To learn more about L.A. Libations, visit www.lalibations.com or on Instagram through @lalibations or reach out to bonnie@lalibations.

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