Sharleen and Dennis Martin, owners of Fort  Worth-based SEL Supply-Chain Solutions (SELSCS), announced today that they have provided a  gift to support ACE Scholarships, funding scholarships for students from Tarrant County. 

SELSCS is an international 3PL company with an entrepreneurial model developed to ensure success with individualized programs for independent agents. Additionally, SELSCS provides 24/7 operational, financial and human resource support to their entrepreneurs.  

“We want to help future generations of entrepreneurs, and what better way to start than by providing opportunities to youth who may otherwise not have this chance,” said Dennis Martin, Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, SEL Supply Chain solutions. “We are passionate about education  and hope that one day some of these youth will work for us!” 

The mission of ACE Scholarships is to provide children of low-income families with scholarships to private or charter schools in grades K-12, and to advocate for expanded school choice. The gift from SELSCS will help fund partial scholarships to Tarrant County youth to pursue education  at a school of their choice. While ACE Scholarships covers part of the tuition cost, the recipient’s family typically pays for a portion of the tuition, and the school covers the rest  

“This way, everyone is invested in the child’s success,” said JR Holland, President for ACE Dallas and Fort Worth. “We’re grateful to SELSCS on their generous gift to support these students and  provide Tarrant County youth the opportunity to make the best choice for their future.” 

SELSCS has more than 25 years of experience in transportation and logistics. The business recently rebranded and will serve an expanded national and international area as well as implement an entrepreneurial program for independent agents.  

About ACE Scholarships  

ACE Scholarships vision is that every child has access to a quality education. ACE Scholarships  was founded in 2000 to provide children from low-income families with equal access to quality  schools. For 22 years, ACE has provided more than 55,400 scholarships to children from low income families totaling nearly $140 million and established partnerships with 886 private  schools across the country. ACE Scholarships anticipates awarding more than 11,000  scholarships nationwide in 2022. Learn more at  

About SELSCS  

SEL (Serving Entrepreneurs in Logistics) Supply-Chain Solutions based in Fort Worth, Texas, is a  top 100 logistics company offering over the road transportation solutions in the U.S., Canada  and Mexico. SELSCS operates its business through a network of independent business owners  and provides the back-office functions to Service Entrepreneurs in Logistics. Combined its  entrepreneurs have hundreds of years of experience in the Transportation and Logistics space.  It’s main modes of transportation include Truckload, Refrigerated, Flatbed, Over-sized, Drayage,  and Intermodal service. Find SELSCS online at 

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