What: Good & Tasty Bakes was created by a mother/daughter (Joey Weir and Lauren Jo Gandillon, respectively) duo from Fort Worth who wanted to enjoy sweet bakery items while still eating healthy. Good & Tasty Bakes makes cheesecakes that are grain-free, all-natural, keto-friendly and made with no added sugar.  All products are certified gluten-free through the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

Company founded: 2020

Where: https://goodandtastybakes.com/

Business editor Bob Francis spoke with Lauren Jo Gandillon, CEO and co-founder of Good & Tasty. 

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Francis: How did you start the business? 

Gandillon: I have a background in healthcare marketing. I lived in New York for about seven years and did healthcare marketing while I was there. And then after New York, my husband and I moved to Michigan for his vascular surgery fellowship. When I was living in Michigan, I came back home to Texas for my grandmother’s birthday, and my mom had made this gluten-free, no sugar added cheesecake for her birthday since she’s diabetic and everyone loved it. 

And I was just like, “Oh my gosh, we should sell this. The world really needs this.” So that’s how we got started.

Francis: It seems like you’re in a market where there’s a lot of demand right now. 

Gandillon: Definitely. The keto or sugar-free or gluten-free products that are out now, most of them have a lot of processed ingredients added in and that’s what really sets us apart. We don’t.

Francis: How do you operate the business? 

Gandillon: I take the role as CEO and I pretty much run the company’s day-to-day operations. My mother is the CFO, and she also comes up with all the recipes.

Francis: Is her background in baking? 

Gandillon: No, she has a retail background and then she was a science teacher. But she’s just been making healthier, better-for-you desserts my entire life. She never wanted my brother and me to have sugar or just eat bad junk food.

Francis: How did it go from deciding you wanted to start a company to actually getting your first product out the door? How long was that process?

Gandillon: That was probably a year and a half. It was tough entering a new industry. We did hire a consultant, which was really helpful, and he helped us find our manufacturing facility and get onboarded with them and helped us find a warehouse that would ship our frozen orders, which is no small task.

Lauren Jo Gandillon and Joey Weir, founders of Good & Tasty Bakes. (courtesy photo from Good & Tasty)

Francis: How do you sell the products? 

Gandillon: We have been selling online, but we’re in the process of moving our warehouse right now. In October, we’re launching with the distributor KeHE. They’re a retail grocery distributor, and we’re launching with them in Dallas, Chicago, and the Northeast next month. So hopefully we will be in some retail outlets locally very soon. And that’s really our goal. We want to be in grocery stores. We want people to have easy access to our products.

Francis: What are your big sellers?

Gandillon: The classic is probably the No. 1 seller. And then we have our seasonal pumpkin, which is definitely a crowd pleaser. And we also offer chocolate, which is amazing. And key lime, which is great for summer. And all of them are gluten free and no sugar added, all natural.

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