By Haley Davis

The gym started as a place to lose weight and to make myself smaller. 

But after years of dedication and discipline, it became my happy place and my strength to overcome life’s hardships. It’s where I built the best me and now where I teach others to do the same.

I’m Haley Davis, I’m 28 years old and I’m from Flower Mound, just north of Fort Worth. I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2017 with my bachelor’s degree in journalism. But life had other plans for me and I’m now a personal trainer at Life Time Fort Worth Alliance.

Journalism was my passion but had its sacrifices. Right out of college, I became a news producer. When you are watching your morning news, every graphic, every script, every video and every visual element you see — I designed. I got stuck on morning shows my entire career, working from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., sleeping all day and working all night.

I also started at the biggest news station I’d ever worked with in January 2020, and COVID-19 rocked the world by February. We produced entire news shows of the pandemic from home and our staff was cut by nearly half. I was worked to the bone and the stress pushed me toward a new dream.

I started preparing for my first bodybuilding show that year, and I was absolutely hooked. I loved the gym, the sport and the discipline. It gave me a path to achieve my greatest potential and I thought, “Why not apply that to my career as well?” 

In January of 2021, I took a leap of faith. I walked away from the news industry and gave everything to personal training.

Today, I’m thrilled to say that I am a certified personal trainer and USA Weightlifting-certified fitness professional at Life Time Fort Worth Alliance.

We are more than just a gym; we house a top of the line Life Cafe, Life Spa, outdoor/indoor pools/hot tubs, wet/dry saunas, basketball courts, Life Clinic chiropractic, Recovery Zone, Metabolics Department and much more. Every tool and expert you need to complete your healthy way of life, we provide.

We have a dynamic personal training team of just over 20 people strong. We not only personally train in one-on-one sessions, we also offer partner sessions, small group sessions, complimentary workshops and customized programming. We have trainers certified in kettlebell, TRX, powerlifting, dynamic stretch, nutrition, strength and conditioning, yoga, pilates and pretty much everything else you can think of.

But I have to say, my favorite part of the job is by far my clients. What I’ve found in personal training is that you tend to attract people you relate to, so fittingly, I find the black sheep, the transitioning, the lonely, the conquerors and the army of self-growth. 

Haley Davis, a personal trainer at Life Time Fort Worth Alliance, demonstrates a movement with a kettle bell. (Izzy Acheson | Fort Worth Report)

I’m so honored to have worked with some of the most amazing humans. From single mothers managing a busy home and crushing their fitness goals after a full knee replacement, to teenagers made of steel overcoming trauma before they’re even old enough to drive, to She-Hulk women crushing addiction with barbells, to former state champions learning how to walk again after life-threatening health scares, and so many more.

My clients teach me as much as I teach them and inspire me to be the best me without even knowing it. I’ve learned the best thing you can do as a fitness professional is to love people. Some days you’re a therapist, a shoulder to lean on, or even just an ear to listen. You’re a confidant, a friend and a cheerleader. Personal training taught me that no matter how small, you can make a positive impact. You can make the world better with every good thing you do for someone and their future. You can be the light, one client at a time.

Haley Davis is a personal trainer at Life Time Fort Worth Alliance. Davis competes in weightlifting competitions and studied journalism at Texas Tech University.


Total population: 2,532
Female: 53% | Male: 47%

0-9: 12%
10-19: 5%
20-29: 29%
30-39: 19%
40-49: 8%
50-59: 14%
60-69: 5%
70-79: 2%
80 and older: 6%

No degree: 1%
High school: 11%
Some college: 43%
Bachelor’s degree: 37%
Post-graduate: 8%

White: 60% | Asian: 1% | Hispanic: 25% | Black: 11% | Two or more: 3%

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