About 100 honors medical students from the National Collegiate Honors Circle flew into Dallas for the 57th NCHC Annual Conference from Nov. 2-6.

On Nov. 3, the students visited Kirkpatrick Middle School, 3201 Refugio Ave., and Kirkpatrick Elementary, 3229 Lincoln Ave., to paint murals representing the multicultural community in the Northside.

“We just wanted to create a mural that not only represented the color of the Northside, but also we have students from all across the country (and the) world that come here and we wanted to pay respects to their countries and their homes of origin,” Kirkpatrick Middle School Principal Jeffrey Bartolotta said. “We’re painting their flag colors on the main wall.”

The middle school mural reads: “You belong here.” Two other murals inside the middle school were painted recently by Texas Christian University students, Bartolotta said.

“I am so proud that these children have so much talent and love for art. There would be no math without art and there would be no science without art,” said Jonathan Williams, the paint manager at Lowe’s, which donated all materials for the murals. “I commend you guys for coming down this way and helping with this mural. What you’re doing is creating an impact that’s going to be a lasting legacy for these kids.”

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