New campus prompted realignment of brand and name change
to honor history and clarify identity

Fort Worth, TX, November 3, 2002. Key School and Training Center, a school serving students with learning differences and training center for educators and parents, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding, which includes a name change to Key School and Training Center (formerly Key Center for Learning Differences). The move to the new location prompted the board of directors and leadership team to rebrand the organization with the help of The Cause Agency, a nonprofit design, marketing and public relations firm working for other nonprofits to serve the greater good.
Along with this name change, the board adopted the following mission statement, tagline and logo to streamline messaging and recognize the history of the organization.
Mission Statement: Unleashing student and teacher success with individualized instruction, training, and advocacy
Tagline: Where Education Goes Beyond One Size Fits All

Since 1966, Key School has been an educational hallmark for students with learning differences in Tarrant County. The founders, Mary Ann Key and Mildred Gardner with support from Dr. John M. Richardson, had a vision of improving the lives of students who struggle with educational challenges like dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD.
“Our founders’ vision is not only surviving but thriving. This name change maximizes our existing leverage in the community and sets us up for long-term success,” said Fantasy Reynolds, Key School and Training Center Board Chair. “It further leans into our rich history while honoring the legacy of Mary Ann Key, Mildred Gardner and Dr. John Richardson.”
The culmination of the work of board, staff, parents, and the branding team at The Cause Agency, points directly to the equity built on the Key School brand in educating students with learning differences and training educators. The desire to continue developing awareness and support of the organization’s work in the community provided the basis for The Cause Agency’s branding platform.
“This name change does not alter who we are and what we do every day,” said Beth Lamb, Executive Director. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing individualized instruction to our students and to training teachers in
academic language therapy. Key School and Training Center looks forward to the upcoming process and continued fulfillment of our mission.”
The branding changes will take place over the coming weeks and months and will culminate with a new website.
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About Key School and Training Center
Founded in 1966, Key School began as an after-school and summer program that focused on tutoring students with dyslexia. The founders, Mary Ann Key and Mildred Gardner, through encouragement and support from Dr. John M. Richardson, designed the individualized program on the training they received at Texas Scottish Rite for Children’s Language Therapy program. To meet the growing community needs, a traditional nine-month school was added, and in 2005, Key School gained non-profit status. Services were again expanded in 2020 to include a Training Center for educators, and the school and center moved into their new campus in fall of 2021. Over 8,000 students with language-based learning differences such as dyslexia have been served since 1966. Today, the newly re-branded Key School and Training Center continues its mission of unleashing student and teacher success with individualized instruction, training, and advocacy.

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