FWR at the LION Awards
Fort Worth Report staff attending the Local Independent Online News publishers' conference are, from left, Trish Rodriguez Terrell, chief development officer; Chris Cobler, CEO and publisher; and Jodye Newton, director of corporate and community relations.

Big news in the quest for strong local journalism in Fort Worth: With just a year and a half under our belt, Fort Worth Report was named as the best new publisher at a national independent journalism contest. 

2022 LION Award

Local Independent Online News Publishers, a professional organization of over 400 US and Canadian independent news publishers, also chose Fort Worth Report as a finalist in three other categories at the awards ceremony in Austin:

  • (Winner) New Business of the Year, Large Tier
  • Collaboration of the Year, for its work with KERA
  • General Excellence: Financial Health, for building a strong base of reader and community support
  • General Excellence: Operational Resilience, for building the structure allowing it to grow  its startup staff from 6 to 17 in a year

“These nominations reflect the hard work of our reporters and staff who have put in the work to build an organization from the ground up,” said Chris Cobler, CEO and Publisher of Fort Worth Report. “It also speaks to the hunger this community has for quality news – thousands have sent us feedback and story ideas, and an untold number have shared our stories with their neighbors.”

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