Fort Worth ISD – Harlean Beal Elementary School

1st grade Math

Ms. Martin is a first grade math teacher at Harlean Beal Elementary School. She is providing daily high quality instruction to her first graders and showing care, love, and appreciation for each of them individually. She brings smiles to their faces while teaching them to love math at such an early age which is so important as the develop their “math identities” as young learners. Ms. Martin is learning the new District curriculum, Eureka/Great Minds, this year and leading the way on her campus by internalizing her lessons, planning for meaningful instruction, and delivering engaging instruction each and every day and energizes her students and brings their love of learning alive in the classroom. She also teaches in the Saturday Learning Quest Program to provide her students additional learning opportunities to accelerate their learning and show them just how much fun learning can be on a Saturday! She smiles each time she talks about her work, her students, and her school community at Harlean Beal. She is a strong early learning educator who believes in her students, is passionate about her work, and is excited to teach her students new mathematical concepts each and every day. We are excited to celebrate Ms. Martin as the FWISD Teacher of the Week.


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