Graphic for Digital Career Accelerator program from TCC and PMG (Graphic courtesy of PMG)

A fast-growing digital media company based in Fort Worth is partnering with Tarrant County College to accelerate digital career training. 

The new Digital Career Accelerator led by PMG plans to train more than 1,000 TCC students in digital, marketing and advertising principles by 2028. The company will also commit $50,000 in merit scholarships to 50 program participants during the next five years

Designed and led by PMG’s team, the TCC program is based on the curriculum developed over seven years for PMG’s Graduate Leadership Program, which provides early careers training to the company’s new employees. That program helps new hires bridge the gap between education and digital careers, according to Stacey Martin, chief people and culture officer at PMG. 

“Creating a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity in our industry starts with exposing more people to the opportunities digital has created, and arming them with the training, skills and fundamentals they will need to succeed,” PMG CEO George Popstefanov said in a statement. 

Participants will gain exposure to the industry landscape and job opportunities, and will leave with an industry-recognized accreditation, as well as a roadmap of skill building, networking and career development opportunities. 

“What we’ve done is taken that curriculum and in partnership with several of our media partners, we’ve custom-tailored the curriculum to offer to TCC students to hopefully give them the opportunity to begin their careers earlier and to give them a leg up as they think through what those careers might look like,” she said. 

PMG is working with TCC and partners Google, Meta and other industry leaders on the digital training and skills programs. The goal is to create more avenues to bring new talent and diverse perspectives into the industry, according to the company and TCC.

“To give our students these digital foundations will change lives and create opportunities they never could have imagined were available to them,” said Dantrayl Smith, director of student development services at TCC. “Training and accrediting TCC students in digital will not only enhance our mission to make affordable education and training a reality, but it will give our students skills that will have a profound impact on their career prospects and for our communities.”  

Cassandra Jones, marketing director at PMG, said digital marketing has grown so quickly that many students don’t know the questions to ask or what careers might be available. 

“As much as the certification is an important part of this, also just explaining the digital landscape and opening these students’ eyes to what the possibilities are that are out there so that we can then help them formulate a career path,” she said. 

Participants will achieve their PMG Digital Career Accelerator certification upon successful completion of the Digital Career Accelerator and receive designated industry certifications from program partners such as Google and Meta. In addition, 10 PMG Launch participants will be selected annually by a joint council from PMG and TCC to receive $1,000 merit scholarships toward continued digital education resources.

 During the eight-week program, TCC participants will cover:

  • The digital and industry landscape
  • Digital media and platforms
  • Data solutions and technical training
  • Professional and leadership skills

PMG will work with a nonprofit in the program to use as an actual case study for students, said Jones. Hope Farm, a nonprofit leadership development program for young boys, will be used as a case study for the students. 

“They will build actual campaigns and they can develop and recommend advertising, messaging and helping grow support for that nonprofit,” said Jones. “PMG in general is passionate about our community, about giving back.” 

PMG is a fast-growing global independent digital company that has been named among Ad Age’s Best Places to Work and Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators. In July, the company won a huge media account, the North America share of Nike’s $1 billion media business, according to several trade publication reports. PMG now has 540 employees worldwide with offices in New York, London, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta and Cleveland.

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