With two additional hangars and an updated design and additional office space, the new fixed-base operation at Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport should open before the end of the year. 

The 209,000-square-foot facility at 13901 Aviator Way includes 68,000 square feet of additional hangar space and 20,000 square feet of lounges and meeting facilities. 

“The new FBO at Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport uniquely positions us for the growing demand for an elite, private flying experience,” said Christian Childs, president of Alliance Aviation Companies at Hillwood. “Pilots and passengers will soon have access to expanded amenities and the highest level of customer service they’ve become accustomed to over the years.”

Fixed-base operators such as Alliance Aviation Services provide fuel, lease hangars, offer parking, aircraft rental, maintenance, flight instruction and other services at airports. 

Designed by Corgan Architects and Amaze Design, the updated and expanded FBO space gives Alliance Aviation Services six hangars totaling about 200,000 square feet to support a growing fleet of aircraft based at the airport. 

The FBO operation had four contiguous hangars before an expansion in 2020. 

“Those were pretty much filled instantly,” he said. “We’ve been busy.” 

Childs said the growth in North Texas in general has been reflected at Alliance Airport and at the FBO. 

“We see a lot in the news about California, New York and people from the Northeast transplanting to Texas,” he said. “We see that, and part of that is some of these companies have corporate airplanes that come with them.” 

When a nearby building that once housed a Bell Helicopter Customer Delivery Center became available, Alliance Aviation Services jumped at the chance to expand, Childs said. 

“We were bursting at the seams some days and just literally we would run out of chairs,” he said. “We just wanted the opportunity to be able to expand and have folks be as comfortable as they can be while they’re here, either waiting for a flight or waiting to fix one up.”

The new space will allow for additional, first-class accommodations for flight crews, as well as more spacious lounges for pilots and passengers along with plenty of amenities. Outdoor seating with ramp views has been integrated into the new facility as well. 

The new building also has technology that simply wasn’t available when Alliance Airport opened in 1989. 

“There’s several LED interactive displays that have video and slides of the history of the airport and Alliance in general,” Childs said. “Some of the photos, some great photos we had before, we still have, only now they’re interactive.” 

In 2020, Alliance Aviation Services was named World Fuel Rewards Top 10 Best by Air Elite and received the Air Elite Marketing Masters Award. In 2018, Alliance Airport was recognized as the No. 1 Air Elite Diamond Location and was named Air Elite Diamond Service Location of the Year. 

Alliance Airport features an array of flight services including air cargo, corporate and government aviation, and is part of the 27,000-acre AllianceTexas development. 

Following Fort Worth City Council and FAA approval, Alliance Airport was recently renamed Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport. Hillwood plans to host an event in December 2022 to mark the official name change of the airport, showcasing the new facility and honoring the legacy of H. Ross Perot Sr., one of the visionaries behind Alliance Airport. 

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