By Alexander Alvarado

My name is Alexander Alvarado, owner and founder of Riverside Barbershop, founder and co-owner of Riverside Barber and Beauty Institute. 

I moved to Fort Worth in 2001 to work for the Cenikor Foundation as a public speaker. I talked aobut drugs, alcohol and gang prevention with my personal testimony and experiences in life. I started my hair profession here in the Riverside area in 2008. Since then, I have managed to become a barber, cosmetologist and an instructor in all fields of the barber and beauty industry. 

Riverside Barbershop opened on Cinco de Mayo of 2019 in the heart of the riverside community at 520 N. Riverside Dr. The shop focuses on giving back to the community, setting an example and being a role model for others. We are known as the home of the “free back-to-school haircuts” and for giving free haircuts to the homeless. 

Riverside is one of the oldest communities in the area dating back to the 1800s and later adopted by Fort Worth in the early 1900s. The Riverside community has been through many adaptations from its early settlers and has diversified through influxes of different ethnicities and cultures. Riverside has multiple close neighborhoods that have grown to be vibrant communities with organizations benefiting those communities. For example, Amon G. Carter Riverside High School, Riverside Middle School, Riverside Community Center, Riverside Pride newsletter, Riverside Park, Riverside Library, Riverside Fire Station, Riverside Baptist Church, Riverside Cleaners, Riverside Boys and Girls Club, Riverside Barbershop, supported by River East and Race Street Rollick. 

Did I mention Riverside has some of the most beautiful views of downtown Fort Worth and the skyline off the Trinity River? We also have a strong Facebook community page that keeps us engaged with each other in the community. Riverside has been a community that many people have come through, left a mark, and always seem to represent, return, and give back to. Riverside has a multicultural demographic with a rich culture that its residents take pride in. It is a fast growing re-gentrified community that welcomes new people. Accepting, supporting, and experiencing the vibrant establishments that have been here for years. 

Riverside will continue to open its doors to the diverse community and thrive to be the place that has a revolving door. A place where everyone is welcome as they come in and a place where the imprint is left to be the light when they walk out. Riverside Barbershop is a safe space where everyone comes in and leaves being their authentic self with a sense of pride. Riverside is a close-knit community that upholds its love for the neighborhood, people, visitors and friends and it continues to thrive and evolve for a better tomorrow for our future leaders of many years to come.


Total population: 5,639
Female: 45% | Male: 55%

0-9: 14%
10-19: 23%
20-29: 16%
30-39: 11%
40-49: 18%
50-59: 12%
60-69: 3%
70-79: 2%
80 and older: 1%

No degree: 41%
High school: 33%
Some college: 14%
Bachelor’s degree: 11%
Post-graduate: 1%

White: 12% | Asian: 0% | Hispanic: 77% | Black: 8% | Two or more: 0%

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