By Trenace Dorsey-Hollins

Right off Interstate 20 between Campus Drive and Oak Grove Road, you’ll find Highland Hills. Some people may turn their nose down on my community, but to me it’s home! The streets I ran as a young girl are the same streets I drive every day to get to our family home. 

My name is Trenace Dorsey-Hollins and I was born and raised in Fort Worth and a proud alumnus of Everman ISD. With just one street separating (determining) if you went to Everman ISD or Fort Worth ISD, my mom drove us to the next block every day to my paternal grandparents’ house for school. 

Three houses in my neighborhood (nearly all on the same street) are owned by my family and have been our homes for well over 50 years. This has been our location for family reunions, family businesses and numerous family gatherings. 

That’s one of the things I love most about my neighborhood — the history and memories. Most of the homeowners in Highland Hills have been here for generations, so you naturally become an extended family. 

One of our community’s hidden gems is the Highland Hills Community Center, which is considered a “true home” to so many youth and locals. From hooping at the gym, cheer and football practice on field, after-school programs or voting during elections, our recreational center supplies it all. I love that my oldest brother still plays basketball there every weekend.

Today, as a mother of two beautiful daughters, I spend my days advocating for quality education for all children, but especially children in my neighborhood and neighborhoods like mine. 

As I mentioned before, some may turn their nose down on my neighborhood, as evidenced by the resources and quality of education provided to the innocent children whose futures are being affected. 

I love my neighborhood because it has truly molded me. There is so much untapped potential within the children in my community. I’m devoted to ensuring my children, the children around the corner, and all children in Fort Worth receive a high quality education. They deserve it!

Highland Hills

Total population: 3,420
Female: 46% | Male: 54%

0-9: 12%
10-19: 10%
20-29: 14%
30-39: 19%
40-49: 10%
50-59: 8%
60-69: 13%
70-79: 7%
80 and older: 7%

No degree: 22%
High school: 39%
Some college: 33%
Bachelor’s degree: 4%
Post-graduate: 3%

Black: 47% | Hispanic: 41% | White: 10% | Two or more: 1%

Click on the link to view the schools’ Texas Education Agency ratings:

Fort Worth resident Trenace Dorsey-Hollins lives in the Highland Hills neighborhood with her two daughters. She advocates for quality education for all children.

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