Yeoman 3rd Class Allen Chatwin salutes at the Pearl Harbor memorial ceremony honoring the victims on Dec. 7 at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. (Cristian ArguetaSoto | Fort Worth Report)

Easily, my favorite moment and image of the week was watching 96-year-old Yeoman 3rd Class Allen Chatwin salute at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base’s Pearl Harbor memorial ceremony on Dec. 7. One of the most satisfying moments as a photographer is capturing movement — in this case, the movement of Chatwin’s arm as he salutes.

The chapel had more than enough light for me to capture this image with a fast enough shutter speed to freeze Chatwin’s arm as he swung it upward, but I decided to portray the action to add a dimension to the image.

Those technical visual aspects make this photo my favorite of the week. 

From Uplift Mighty Preparatory’s College and Career March to the Pearl Harbor memorial ceremony, our photojournalist at the Fort Worth Report captures the diversity of events through images of the week. If you have events or photo opportunities, contact community engagement journalist Cristian ArguetaSoto at or on Twitter.

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