Off-road vehicle club members took to the frozen streets of Fort Worth to rescue stranded drivers during the ongoing winter blast.

Porkies Offroad Club member Octavio De Jesus Gonzalez, who lives near Crowley, dusted off his Polaris RZR off-road vehicle and linked with friends to help the drivers struggling to navigate icy streets on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.

“We do ride around town and have our fun in this weather, but also do stop and help out people that allow us and give us their permission to get ‘em back on the road either by pushing or pulling them up hills or just icy areas,” De Jesus Gonzalez said. 

Off-road drivers cruise through downtown Fort Worth on Jan. 31. A Winter storm froze the city through Feb. 3.

The off-road club began in 2022 with four or five buddies who had a similar interest in off-roading vehicles, he said. The friends head to Fort Worth from Crowley during winter storms — and that’s exactly what happened when North Texas was blasted with sleet and freezing rain on Jan. 31

“When we meet up it becomes a whole lot of us from around town,” De Jesus Gonzalez said. “If others want to join, they are more than welcome to tag along — we are a family oriented off-road group.”

The rescuers hit the streets and grew to a group of more than 20 off-road riders who helped people out. 

Off-road drivers meet up in Fort Worth on Feb. 1. (Contributed by @jrstintz.

Jose Ceceñas, a Fort Worth resident, tagged along with the off-road club for the first time.

“For us, it’s mainly our family that we ride with. First off, our vehicles are registered and we’re allowed to ride on the streets,” Ceceñas said. “During bad weather, we like to go out and ride. We don’t plan meets up but we just see multiple people out and we all just end up riding together.”

Ceceñas said It felt strange to see busy streets empty, but it felt cool to drive around.

On days when winter storms don’t plague Dallas-Fort Worth, De Jesus Gonzalez and his family off-road at private off-road parks in Houston and Oklahoma.

“On snowing or icy days, it’s fun, we ride around the city and help and have our fun — little donuts here and there,” De Jesus Gonzalez said. “But, other normal days, we usually just ride out not far from home just to grab some food or a little small cruise.”

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