C. P. Hadley Park in South Fort Worth is completely covered in snow on Jan. 31. (Cristian ArguetaSoto | Fort Worth Report)

I captured my favorite image of the week on Jan. 31

For about three days, North Texas froze and halted most commuting.

From Jan. 30 through Feb. 3, roads were hazardous  — sub-freezing temperatures and “thundersleet” storms showered Fort Worth and kept everyone at home.

In this image, I braved through the ice-covered roads to a nearby park — C. P. Hadley Park — for some photos. A park that is usually green or yellow, depending on the time of year, sat completely drowned in snow and ice.

The image shows how intense the Winter storm in North Texas was. 

Apart from the treacherous and slow drive to the park, it was difficult to expose an image like this without blowing out the highlights — something that happens when the “whites” in a photo are too bright and no information can be read on the file.

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