By Sarah Kennerly 

Imagine stepping back to simpler times when craftsman-style homes and charming white picket fences are the norms. I’m Sarah and I live in the beautiful historic Fairmount Neighborhood in Fort Worth. 

My husband Sean and I bought our home back in October of 2021. When we first visited the neighborhood and toured our home, we immediately fell in love with the historic charm and bungalow-style houses. There’s really nothing quite like it.

Walking down the streets of our neighborhood feels like stepping into a scenic neighborhood from the 1920s. 

On such a walk, you will be struck by how well-preserved each home is. I love seeing how people have lovingly restored their homes while still maintaining their original integrity. 

One thing I truly enjoy about our neighborhood is the proximity to Magnolia Avenue, which is filled with beautiful restaurants, coffee houses and shopping.

On a Friday night, my husband and I like to walk our dog Tucker down to Maggie’s RnR for dinner and live music. Saturday morning we typically frequent Cherry Coffee for a latte and a bagel dog. 

As someone who works from home, I have grown to appreciate the walkability and local conveniences that get me out of my home office. I am the co-owner of The Digital Destination marketing agency, and living in Fairmount has been wonderful for connecting with local businesses and plugging into the community.

Speaking of community, I love how tightly knit the Fairmount community is. Our Facebook group keeps everyone in the loop on the happenings of the neighborhood. This has been especially helpful for missing dogs, neighborhood events and connecting with your neighbors. 

Our neighbors are truly some of the kindest and friendliest people we’ve ever met. We love chatting with our next-door neighbor Toby as he loads up The Beignet Bus and heads out for the day.

Fairmount is truly a special place. I am so thankful to live in such a unique and beautiful neighborhood! As I sit here and write this, I look out my window onto our street. I see families walking, neighbors talking and the occasional car driving by. I’m happy to call the Fairmount area our home.

Sarah Kennerly lives in Fairmount with her husband Sean and their dog Tucker. She is the co-owner of a marketing agency called The Digital Destination.


Total population: 3,446
Female: 49% | Male: 51%


10-19: 6%
20-29: 10%
30-39: 28%
40-49: 9%
50-59: 10%
60-69: 10%
70-79: 5%
80 and older: 0%

No degree: 15%
High school: 15%
Some college: 15%
Bachelor’s degree: 34% Post-Grad: 21%

White: 72% | Asian: 2% | Hispanic: 23% | Black: 2% | Two or more: 0%

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